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26th Birthday Magic and Memories.

I recently turned 26. For some reason, I felt like a child again, as the fireworks lit up the sky in colourful blurs, in the night before my birthday (to put that into context, I was born November 6th, the day after bonfire night). It had been a couple of years since I felt the butterflies in my stomach build up in anticipation of what the next day might bring. There is no real reason that I reverted back to my childhood in the midst of turning 26. I just had a good feeling about this birthday, about being 26. I wanted my birthday to feel magic again, I wanted to feel special again, so I did.

26 has always been my lucky number, with no real reason, I think when I was younger I picked a number I liked and it stuck, for me, that was enough reason to allow myself child-like excitement this year.

As my birthday was on Monday this year, I celebrated with friends the weekend before,  we went for a meal in Browns, which was a stunning setting, the food was great, and we're probably not classy enough to be in there, which made it so much greater. I wore this Zara dress which made me feel beautiful and just enjoyed catching up with a lot of my closest friends, over delicious food and a rosé wine.

On the Saturday before my birthday, I went on a night out with a couple of close friends, we drank, we dance and had a great time (sadly, we didn't take any photos, on a lot of the best night you don't)

On the night before, myself, and some close friends went to see a firework display. We drank hot chocolate and enjoyed the sky being lit up with pretty lights. Although this technically was not a birthday celebration, it made my pre-birthday weekend even more special so I thought it deserved a mention.

On my actual birthday day, I vlogged, so if you wish you can watch that below or on my Youtube Channel. I had a lovely day, which I spent with my Mum, Sister and Auntie, we explored Tetbury, wandered through all of the knick knacky shops, which we filled with both a mixture of gems and junk.  We then went for lunch in the Close Hotel - the food was incredible, it was so delicious. I was, of course, pretty much full after my Calamari starter than I ended up taking home half of my mushroom pasta (it was so yummy I couldn't leave behind) and had to give dessert a mix.
Alongside great food, The Close Hotel also made a lovely setting. - The grounds outside are beautiful, on a warmer day, I'd love to explore them more. Inside was also lovely, besides a questionable choice in blinds, they pretty much had the interiors down.

I later headed home and had a birthday nap, because a birthday is the perfect excuse to do anything I want, and I wanted to nap (I say like I don't nap most days, lol)

I hope you enjoyed the diary style post - and don't mind the mix match of both camera and phone photos - I thought I'd include the pictures which maybe are not quite blog-worthy for quality memories sake.

Please watch my vlog from the day too!

I'm excited about 26 - the first few weeks have been pretty great!


Autumn Slouchy Knit || OOTD

Another promised outfit post today. 
I've found myself opting for something a little more casual and slouchy than my usual dress. Mainly because I've realised my style isn't set in stone and it's fun to experiment with clothes, I like to see how different fabrics work together and see how layering can change a look, and how clothes can alter a silhouette.
I find Autumn is the perfect time to experiment with fashion - it's not too hot to layer things us, and garments tend to be a lot more textured.
This outfit provides the ultimate comfort. The black ASOS culottes have become a staple in my wardrobe - considering I never wore trouser until about a year ago, this is a big deal. They just go with everything and the flared legs mean they add a little shape to any outfit. Plus I like how they move, and enjoy the slightly awkward length of them. 

I'd decided to pair them with a pink fine knit jumper from ASOS. It's a little see-through so does require a vest/cami underneath. It's baggy in all the right places and cuffed on the sleeves making it the ultimate cosy, slightly over sizes piece. It's a fine knit, so can be both tucked or untucked. 

This knit does scag quite easily, but I love how it looks nonetheless. Plus who doesn't love the shade of pink? I want all the pink knitwear I can get my hands on tbh. 
Keeping with the comfy, pink and black theme I've got going on, I decided to wear it with my pink Nikes, and have some cute AF little socks poking through, because I just like how it looks - I just think socks can actually add a bit of something to an outfit, if you want them to, and I want them to. 

What do you think of this look?

October Round Up.

I used to write a weekly round-up post, where I’d reflect on the previous week and share all the great things I read, watched and enjoyed. I found writing them somewhat therapeutic but they soon got abandoned as they were difficult to schedule and writing them on Sunday wasn’t always an option. I missed them so I’ve decided to start writing a monthly round up instead. 

So October, honestly, I’ve been a bit of a hermit this month, a mixture of trying to save money and trying to get organised with uhhh, life, has meant my social life hasn’t exactly been blossoming, nonetheless, I’ve enjoyed the month. 

October is one of my favourite months, I’m a big fan of autumn so just find myself feeling more content this time of year. My highlights from the month have included going to a Halloween Party, and for a lovely Autumn Walk with plenty of photo opportunities (as you can see in this post). Feeling poorly has meant I had to cancel a few plans which is a shame but despite my cold, I'm feeling perkier that I was.

Gilmore Girls (again lol) 
500 Days of Summer 

Grit - by Angela Duckworth
Wonderful You - The Start of Something New
Scarlett Curtis on Female Bosses
Poppy Deyes - Let's Not Wish Time Away

Heart of it Podcast - Mom
Crash on my Couch 28
Get it off Your Breasts 6

Hat - Topshop (similar) -
Jeans - ASOS
Jumper - New Look (old, sorry)
Trainers - Adidas

If you're interested in the rest of my monthly favourites, you can watch the video below or on my Youtube Channel

I hope you had a great month! Let me know your highlight in the comments! x

on a side note - I've had to republish this due to issues with Bloglovin',  which is why it looks like it's up a month late


I wanted to give a little something back to my followers. I recently hit 300 bloglovin' follower, which I'm sure is nothing to some people, but it seems for me, slow and steady wins the race, so it's a milestone I want to celebrate! As a thank you to my followers, I'm going to send a MAC lipstick of your choice to one of my readers!

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Good Luck
Chloe x

Flowers and Frills | OOTD

As promised, here is a full outfit post on which you got a sneak preview of in this blogpost. I'm not sure if it's sort of cheating to cross over my photo's like this, however, I am so in love with this dress, I felt it deserved an entire post of its own, plus I don't want to waste some perfectly good blog pictures.

The dress in question is an H&M number which cost just £24.99. It's a mini length, but not so mini that you might see the bottom of my butt cheeks because no one wants that (well, at least not with my bum!)

The shape just falls perfectly on me. There's a concealed zip on the side, and buttons down the front - now, I'm not going to lie, they are a bit of a squeeze in the boob department, but there is always the option of wearing a cami and the buttons undone. It stitches in the waist and then flows down. which I find flatters my hourglass figure.

My favourite thing about this dress is the details. For a high street buy, there many little details, a cute collar and a string bow, full-length sleeves with adorable cuffs, a stitch detail - it just looks pretty fancy tbh. I also love the sheerness the chiffon fabric creates. 

To keep things classic I paired it with my leather jacket and some black suede boots which are perfect for Autumn.

I've been receiving so many compliments on this dress, and it's just so easy to wear both day and evening!

What do you think? x


    For the love of God, don't be Tom Hansen.

    I recently wrote this post, very reluctantly published it - I almost deleted all, but I held my breath published it, and then closed the tab pretending I never did. I can't quite put my finger on why I felt so on edge about hitting that publish button. It was personal, yes, but for somebody who carelessly published a post simply titled 'Sex' a few months back, that clearly is not an issue for me. It was about one specific person, yes, but it wouldn't hurt him, nor would he read it. I didn't want to publish it, because although I was having a bit of an "I need to be treated better by the guys I like" "I deserve all the effort" moment, both of which are true, I was also being, a bit of an asshole.

    You can go ahead and read this post, or if it's a little long - I'll summarise, the post was a guy I liked, who was very on and off with me, the post was about how I deserve better, which of course, is true, I deserve the very best - nonetheless, I think there was something quite selfish in my thought process.

    I was watching (500) Days of Summer when I had a bit of an epiphany. If you haven't watched that film you need to. To give you an insight into the movie - this is how the narrator opens:

    "This is a story of boy meets girl. The boy, Tom Hansen of Margate, New Jersey, grew up believing that he'd never truly be happy until the day he met "the one." This belief stemmed from early exposure to sad British pop music and a total misreading of the movie 'The Graduate.' The girl, Summer Finn of Shinnecock, Michigan, did not share this belief. Since the disintegration of her parent's marriage, she'd only loved two things. The first was her long dark hair. The second was how easily she could cut it off and not feel a thing. Tom meets Summer on January 8th. He knows almost immediately she is who he has been searching for. This is a story of boy meets girl, but you should know upfront, this is not a love story."

    Tom falls for Summer before he even really gets to know her, she tells him from the start she doesn't believe in love and wants casual. He then tries his hardest to get her back when he loses her. Although, technically he never had her. Yes, they dated, yes they had sex, but she was never his girlfriend.

    I watched this film and felt like I could really relate to Tom Hansen. I am Tom Hansen. I believe in love, I believe in fate and I thought I'd found it. The other person just didn't agree with me - like Tom and Summer, and then, like a tonne of bricks, it hit me.

    Tom Hansen is a dick.

    He's selfish. Summer never wanted him. I mean casually yes, but for nothing more, and she did nothing to lead him to believe otherwise. Tom confronts her about the situation, he tells her:

    "This is not how you treat your friend! Kissing in the copy room? Holding hands in IKEA? Shower sex? Come on! Friends my balls!"

    Previously I would have applauded Tom for this (I reblogged it so many times back in my Tumblr days), however, relationships are not black and white. They should be, but there's not. Especially as a young adult, lines are slightly more blurred. I do believe if someone wants to be with you nothing will stop them. But there are those in-between relationships, where there's no future, but you can't be friends, you're more than that because you're attracted to each other in a romantic/sexual sense. And sometimes, you're not quite ready to cut them out of your life. Casual relationship are pretty common, a lot of people have friends with benefits, or have friends that are slightly more, or that person that with added vodka, you call, and kiss, and decide you'll be together forever and ignore the next morning. It's not as simple as you are single, or you are not.

    So Tom is right that is not how you treat your friends, but just because you're not friends, but it does also not mean you're in a relationship when you're the only person who wants that. Sometimes it's difficult to find a label, and I think the main reason a lot of people want the label, is through insecruitity of not knowing where they stand, but that being said, if you are with the person who wants to be in a relationship you will very much from the start, know where you stand, there will be no questioning whether or not you are or will ever be together, because you're in a full on relationship.

    It sucks to not have the security, but Tom knew the deal from the start. Summer told Tom she wanted casual - he wanted more, and that is not her fault. He's selfish, he thought of what he wanted throughout, never what she wanted. He's kept trying to win her over, which could be romanticised, but at the end of the day, people aren't prizes. You don't get one at the fair when you manage a decent throw.

    The more I realised how much I disliked Tom character, the more I couldn't help but compare him to me, my situation. I have always known where I stand with this guy, I simply read into things how I wanted to. He's told me several times he never anything serious. Soberly, he never pretended to like me more than he did, and we all know drunk minds sure as hell do not speak drunk minds (seriously, the person who came up with that saying has issues). He's simply kissed me because we've never been just friends. But we've also never been anything more - so like Tom Hansen, I'd try to get him back, although never had him. He has never belonged to me. It doesn't matter how blue his eyes are, or that my heart melts a little when he  plays guitar, that sigh of relief I feel after seeing him for the first time in a while, or how wonderful his kisses are. All of these things, mean nothing as he doesn't want to be with me. He is not my property because I fancy him.

    I think in wanting, I convinced myself to read into things how I wanted, which was wrongly. I  convinced myself he leads me on. He never pretended he wanted me. I just wanted him to.

    It's time to stop being Tom Hansen, the world is full of enough selfish people already.

    The Jaclyn Hill Palette - First Impression and Swatches.

    I was lucky enough to get onto Beauty Bay and get my hands on a Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette before they sold out. The process was surprisingly easy and you can't imagine my excitement when it arrived at my door the next morning (I didn't even pay for next day delivery, great job Beauty Bay!)
    On the first impression - I am not in love with the packaging, the silver and white looks pretty sleek when it arrived, however, with a bit of use I'm sure it will be looking rather grubby. The cardboard makes it feels cheap and is difficult to clean - however it cost £37 and there are 36 shades, so I think I could forgive that, as it's pretty great value for money. Also, I feel they missed a mirror opportunity in the lid. I do like that inside the palette has a message from Jaclyn which says "this palette is dedicated to all my loving subscribers" it's a nice reminder of who Jaclyn Hill is, and reflects her gratitude - but it didn't necessarily have to be written on in the inside of the lid - a mirror would have been handier. Also from watching Jaclyn videos, I know the shades have names, but I cannot see them written on the packaging at all, again it's not essential, but would be nice (and would come in handy writing this post!) - apparently other palettes came with a shade name insert, mine didn't. The palette is however very slim and light which although it's large makes it pretty easy to travel with. 
    Now onto the eyeshadows. It consists of a whopping 36 shades, 17 of which are completely matte, 19 are shimmer, 2 of the 19 have slightly more subtle shimmer, the other 17 are pretty full on glitzy.

    The palette mainly consists of warm toned shades. There are a lot of the essential warm neutrals are there, plus some pinks,  blues, purples and greens,  if you fancy being more adventurous with colour. Personally, I don't think there is a shade in this palette I won't get my use out of, however, I love experimenting with colourful eye make up, and also can appreciate a brown eyeshadow.
    There are so many colour choices in the palette, I'm considering have a palette clear out, as this got pretty much every colour I need in it (besides a bright pink of course). The colour range means you can create a look for any occasion - whether it's a night out, a casual day look, or even a terrifying Halloween make up.
    On swatching a did feel some of the shades were quite similar but then can you ever really have too many neutral eyeshadows? (I think not)
    I'm sure you can tell by my swatches - all of the shadows are pretty damn pigmented and have a great colour pay off. I'm yet to try out any looks with the palette yet (but I will be filming a video for Sunday of it in use, subscribe to my Youtube Channel here so you don't miss it.) however, from swatching I can tell the eyeshadows have a buttery blendable consistency to them. 
    Shade names in top swatch picture from left to right: Pool Party, Royalty, Obsessed, Creamsicle, Enlight.
    Shade names from lower swatch image above from left to right: Jada, Twerk, S.B.N, Butter, Beam.
    Shade names of swatches above from left to right: Diva, Hussle, Hillster,  Pooter, Silk Creme.
    Shade names of swatches above from left to right: Enchanted, Meeks, Roxanne, Pukey, M.F.E.O.
    Shade names of swatches above from left to right: Central Park, 24/7, Jacz, Hunts, Faint

    Shade names of swatches in top image from left to right: Soda Pop, Chip, Buns, Firework, Sissy.
    Shade names in the bottom image from left to right: Abyss, Mocha, Cranapple, Queen, Little Lady.

    What do you think of the these colours? I can't wait to try it out!
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