Sunday, 8 June 2014

Final Collection

So firstly sorry for the lack of post recently, as some of you may know (if anyone actually reads my blog that is) I am a in my final year of my degree in fashion (well not anymore), so due to the workload I have unfortunately been neglecting my blog a little. However I have officially now finish my degree, so I thought this deserved a blog post.

My degree is a BA(hons) in Fashion, and as some of you may know, with my fashion degree and other fashion degrees, in your final year you make a collection of outfits right through from initial inspirations, designs and  final garments (I made four women's outfits and two men's outfits) which we then then showcase in your final fashion show.

The build up to the fashion show is, of course, very nerve wrecking, having worked hard of this collection for months there's a lot of pressure for your collection to come out the way you'd imaged. As a third year student I got to watch the show, leaving the dressing, hair, make up and modelling to others, which gave me a strange worried yet relaxed feeling as I knew anything that went wrong was out of my hands... Luckily nothing did go wrong, not with my collection or throughout the entire show.  

The show was a success and I am so proud of everyone involved (myself included), I couldn't have asked for it to have gone any better. It really strange to think my three years of uni is over, it has flow by. I'm quite terrified to think it's now time to start my adult life and find a real job, fingers crossed I'll fall into something I love.

I am so proud to think how much I've grown up and learn being at uni, both when it comes to fashion, and looking after myself and living as an adult. It's crazy to think I pretty much failed AS textile, twice, and now I should be graduating hopefully with a 2:1 in BA(hons) Fashion.
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