Fashion blogger chloeharriets - outfit details - positive habits for happiness
Fashion blogger chloeharriets - outfit details - positive habits for happiness
Fashion blogger chloeharriets - outfit details - positive habits for happiness

Recently I found myself falling out any routine, my once good habits became abandoned - I think the combination of being unwell, lockdown and moving into a new environment got to me, and I found it easy to push aside those little habits and daily routines, unaware of the impact it would have. After a few weeks of feeling all over the place and noticing the toll of that on my mental health, I realised I needed some positive routine back. So once again I've been developing new routines to follow, of the little things which keep my wellness up.

In the future, I will post sine more detailed versions on my morning and evening routines (possibly on my Youtube channel, so make sure you're subscribed) but for now, I thought it would be nice to share some of the habits which have got me happier on the day-to-day.

5 Habits for Happiness:

- Journalling:

Honestly, I find daily journaling has such a positive impact on my mental health. Just getting my thoughts and feelings out onto paper, makes me feel as if I've emptied any negativity from my mind. Sometimes I use journaling to get things on my chest, sometimes to express my hopes for the future - usually, it's just word vomit, I don't think about it too much, I just write what comes to mind and boy oh boy it can be therapeutic. 

- Reading:

For me, there's no escape quite like reading - I find it transports me to another world and allows me to let go of my worries. I read everything from self-help to fiction, I listen to audiobooks, flick through pages, the lot. You can read some of my book reviews here or join me on my reading journey for this year with #chloeharrietsbookclub

- Moving your body:

When we work at desks, spent our evening binging Netflix, and our nights sleeping, it's easy to really not spend that much time moving... however I've found on those days I find myself more stationery than not, I feel a little slobby. Implicating more exercise in my routine has worked wonders for my mental health. I do regular fitness session via Zoom with @laurenalicefitness, and on the days which I'm not up for a full-on workout, I find something as simple as going for a walk or dancing in the kitchen gets those good endorphins going for me. 

- Going outside:

Fresh air and nature are good for the soul. Yet still, it's super easy to end up cooped up in the house if I don't have plans (which I haven't had many of due to lockdown) so I've been making going outdoors a priority and taking myself for daily walks and it's been so refreshing - definitely, a habit to I need to keep up.

- Phone free time:

I've been trying to step away from my iPhone screen a little more because as we all know too much phone time isn't good for the brain. So recently I've committed to at least an hour before bed screen-free - and I'm just trying to leave my phone in a different room to me during to the day to ease back on the mindless scrolling, and I'm feeling so much better for it. 

Fashion blogger chloeharriets - outfit details - positive habits for happiness

What daily habits do you try to keep up for a positive mind?