How to create the perfect unboxing experience for etsy buyers - flatlay image
How to create the perfect unboxing experience for etsy buyers - flatlay image
How to create the perfect unboxing experience for etsy buyers - flatlay image
How to create the perfect unboxing experience for etsy buyers - flatlay image

If you read this post or follow me on Instagram, you'll know I recently launched my Etsy store. One aspect of becoming a small business owner I didn't expect to feel like such a big deal is the packaging - I mean obviously I realised orders would need to be packaged, but I did not expect that I'd spend so much time considering my best cardboard packaging option or to fall in love with that part of the process carefully packing orders while simultaneously taking my time to figure out the best way to do it. Launching my Etsy store has been a learning curve, and the packing is most definitely included in that.

Being a creative, I want my packaging to be pretty, I want it to be clear to the buyer that I've put love into every part of the process, but also - I don't want it to be wasteful. I don't want to be contributing to unnecessary plastic use. Something else which is important to me as a small business owner is making it personal - it means so much to me each time somebody places an order that the least I can do is packaging their order in a way in which is personal to the buyer - a handwritten note, is something I can offer as a small business that bigger businesses aren't able to, and I feel that just adds an extra sprinkle of love to the packaging. Alongside the prettiness, packaging also has a purpose, to get the parcel from A to B safely, arriving at its new home in the same condition which it left mine. So I've been looking for a balance.
A way to create the perfect unboxing experience for my customers. 

I was recently contacted by Lil Packaging, who specialise in cardboard packaging about working together on this post - I accepted when I realised affordable, sustainable, plastic-free packaging was a missing piece, in my mission to create the perfect unboxing experience. 

Here are the steps I take to create the perfect unboxing experience:

  • Triple check the items: Before I pack up any of my scrunchies, facemask or other goodies, I do one last quality control check (despite having checked several times during the making process), just to be sure the item I'm sending out is as good as it can be. I check there are no loose threads that need trimming, no wobbly seams or any final adjustments I need to make. When the buyer comes to unboxing I want to ensure they are happy with the quality of the product.
  • Ensure the goodies are safe and protected: One of the most important things to make sure is everything arrives in top condition. So once I've checked it all over, I make sure the item is completely protected. I wrap the items in colourful tissue paper which the buyer can, of course, choose to reuse. And seal it with a sticker or some washi tape. At some point, I will invest in some branded stickers, which are as environmentally friendly - but for now, I've been enjoying choosing a different sticker from my collection for each person. Once it is all wrapped up out of harm's way, the next step is to choose what to post it in. Lil packaging are a great choice for cardboard packaging - it keeps sending stuff out plastic-free, and offers the peace of mind that the items are secure. They even have the option to choose the packaging depending on Royal Mail sizing, which allows me to keep postage costs at the minimum, and avoid busy post offices during this pandemic as I can be certain my parcels make it into the large letter category.
  • Keep your wrapping as environmentally friendly as possible: I don't want my business impacting our planet, so I do my best to keep it as environmentally friendly as possible, opting for cardboard packaging rather than plastic, tissue to paper rather than bubble wrap and card gift tags, making the packaging either reusable or recyclable. 
  • Wrap each item with love: As much as I'm up for saving time, I like to keep packing my items as a slow process, I want to ensure I put love into it - I think the way in which I package the items show my appreciation to those who choose to spend their money in my store. I wrap each item slightly differently, choosing different coloured tissue paper and gift tags, washi tape and stickers for each - I enjoy the creative process of it each time I think that really helps make for the perfect unboxing experience for my buyers.
  • Include your branding, and links where possible: As a new, small business, branding is a huge way to bring customers in and to bring them back. The perfect unboxing should have positive implications for both the buyer and the seller. So I like to try to promote my business within the unboxing process. As a new store owner, I'm yet to invest in branded stationery for this part (although it is coming, I promise) instead I've been using up what I already have, as I figured that option is best for the environment and the Chloe Harriets Creates money pot. Waiting to invest in branded stationery, has meant getting creative. Using my dynamo label maker to write my brand name on gift tags, including the brands Instagram handle (it's @chloeharrietscreates - go follow) in the note I write for the buyer and popping in a (now quite old) business card with my blog details on so it's clear where else to find me
  • Make it personal: For the perfect unboxing experience, you want it to feel personal. You want the unboxing to feel special to the buyer, you want your customer to feel valued before as they take out your product - that why I'm sure to write handwritten thank you notes to each customer.
  • Pretty it up: Everyone is a sucker for cute packaging right?! You can't create the perfect unboxing experience without it. Whether it's adding cute stickers, colourful washi tape or stickers. The pretty details make all the difference to an unboxing experience.
How to create the perfect unboxing experience for etsy buyers - flatlay imageHow to create the perfect unboxing experience for etsy buyers - flatlay image

If you want to see more updates from my Etsy store, you can follow @chloeharrietscreates on Instagram, and visit the store here.