I've been seeing lots of Summer Bucket list floating around so I'd put my own one out there. It's easy to forget to live, it sounds silly to say, but we can become stuck in routine without the awareness that life is happening right now, and the things we plan on doing become hopes rather than actions. They can build as a list of 'one day's' in our heads. Lately, I've been trying to adjust my focus, put effort into living in the now, and transforming thoughts into actions. I thought a way to do see this, would be to share my Summer Bucket list on here, so I've got a reminder of all the things I want to do this season and a way to hold myself accountable for making my life what I want it to be. I've definitely been over-ambitious writing this list, but anything I don't get around to, I'd like to keep in mind for next year. This is also going to be the one blog post which I go back into edit, I'm going to cross things off when I've achieved them so it's clear where I'm at.

- Go on Holiday
- Visit 3 different cities
- Go pottery painting
- Keep a journal
- Go to life drawing classes
- Star Gaze
- Have a picnic
- Complete a 5k run (for charity)
- Do a random act of kindness
- Read 5 new books
- Watch a sunrise
- Watch a sunset
- Get a tattoo
- Swim in the sea
- Go to a drive-in/outdoor cinema
- Paint a picture
- Go to an art gallery/museum
- Send postcards
- Go to the theatre
- Do Yoga Outdoors
- Go to a basketball game
- Go berry picking
- Finally, pass my driving test
- Throw a party/host a dinner party
- Go on a staycation
- Buy myself flowers
- Scrapbook my memories

Wish me luck making it through my list! I'd love to know what's on your Summer Bucket List.

C x


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