Blonde Blogger Chloe Harriets on Summers Day in Buttercup Field - May Round Up
Blonde Blogger Chloe Harriets on Summers Day in Buttercup Field - May Round Up
Vintage Style Photo of blogger Chloe Harriets in Bristol Cafe
Two girls dress up and smiling ready for a night out in Bristol
Beautiful Giraffe at Bristol's Wild Place - Day Trip
Beautiful Animals at Bristol's Wild Place - Day Trip
Blonde Girl Smiling with Floral Umbrella - Bristol Blogging Event
Blonde Girl Smiling in floral blue jumpsuit - Bristol Blogging Event
Two friends smiling in a field during Summer 2019
Blogger Chloe Harriets making her way across stepping stones to the other side of the woods - Blaise Castle Bristol
Swan on water with boat - Day trip to Bathampton
Boats on water with Pub nearby

What I've Been Up To:

I didn't realise how busy May had been for me until I started writing this blog post. I've spent many days writing in coffee shops, attempting to get Portfolio together to apply for a Masters, many afternoons catching up with friends while sipping lattes. My friend Kelsey and I have enjoyed our classic coffee and harbourside walks, which makes it's way into my monthly round-up every time, but it's always lovely, and lovely days are worth repeating. I also attended a blogger event this month. The Influencer collective held a speed dating style event, which I was very grateful to have been invited to, I wrote a bit about it in this Instagram caption. I've been trying to read more, so I've managed to squeeze in some time reading on The Downs during those Sunny Days. My friend Jess and I had a day trip to Wild Place. After I told her I'd been a few weeks ago, we decided it was a good idea to go together. I've been building up my fitness again, attempting to get into a good, regular work out routine, so I've made to week 6 of couch to 5k. It's definitely beginning to get more challenging, but I'm really enjoying running and am seeing a huge improvement in my fitness levels. I've been spending my evenings scrapbooking, I enjoy the creative process and it's a nice way to store memories. My friend Madi and I had the cutest little day trip to Bathampton. It was adorable. We took some pictures, wandered along the riverside, dreamt up what it's like to live on a boat and enjoyed a yum pub lunch. I enjoyed a night of drinking and dancing, and as a bonus, I somehow got to skip the hangover the next day. This month I also began Hypnotherapy, so far I'm really enjoying it - but I'll go into more detail of why and my experience with it in a future Youtube video (subscribe to my channel here so you don't miss that). Also this month, I finally tried a doughnut from Pinkmans Bakery, and it did not disappoint.

Reading | Newsletters:

As I recently wrote this post banging on about how much I love newsnotes, I thought it was worth giving them their own segments in my monthly roundup, so here are the ones I've really appreciated in my inbox this month:
- Jamie Varon's Friday Letters 
- Morgan Harper Nichols

Reading | Books:

One Day by David Nichols
Nicks & Norah's Infinite Playlist (I gave myself a little head start on #chloeharrietsbookclub)

Reading | Articles:

Dear T
Ask Mr: One Romantic Partner in Man Repeller
No Idea? No Problem. By Fearne Cotton in Red
It's Good To Talk. No, Really by Mira Jacobs in Red
Can You Learn To Be A Leader? By Catriona Gray in Harpers Bazaar

Reading | Blogs:

New York Photo Diary by Kate La Vie
Where is my ghost life now? By Chloe Plumstead
Baby, I'm Bitter As A Lemon by India Charlotte
3 Things We Should All Stop Apologising For by In The Frow

Listening | Podcasts:

How To Fail with Phoebe Waller-Bridge
The High Low
Feminist Don't Wear Pink with Zoe Sugg
Tree Hill Talk: Season 1


Riverdale: Finally, it was a finale Riverdale season 3 this month. It was ridiculous. Yet I liked how the story tied in aspects from Seasons 1 and 2. I thought it was actually quite clever, and despite all of its ridiculousness, I enjoyed watching it.

This Is Us: I started rewatching This Is Us. I didn't feel like I appreciated it enough the first time around and needed to watch it slower. To really take it in. A few episodes in, my Amazon Prime stopped working (it won't play videos?!) so it went from slow to a complete stop.

One Tree Hill: I've started rewatching my first ever fave series. There's something so nostalgic about Lucas Scott and the Tree Hill Ravens to me, and I think it gets better each time I watch the series.


Amy TV: 7 Daily Habits That Have Completely Changed My Life
Sunbeams Jess: Smoky Wing MakeUp
The Anna Edit: The Bedroom Make Over
Will Darbyshire: A Week In My Life

I hope your month has been wonderful too x
Flaylay image - Tea, Raspberry Sourdough Donut, Book How to Fail - Pinkmans Bakery Bristol
Outdoor Flower Display. Bristol Harbourside


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