No, this is not an ad for KitKat (however if KitKat did want to sponsor, I would be 100% game). You may have noticed recently my blog posts have been a little sparse lately. Why? Because I gave myself a break, and much to my surprise, the world did not end.

I was feeling uninspired, my imagination seemed to be failing me. For a creative person who can't get out of her own head, I felt as though I'd lost myself when my mind became empty.

At first, I found myself feeling down, and napping a little too often (odd, but there may be a post on this coming soon). Which developed into feeling sad, and having nothing to write about. My mind was blank, and my body felt tired, and in turn, I felt guilty, for not posting on my blog. Although my blog earns me no money, I still want it to be a successful place which fills me with pride. How was I going to get anything out of it, when I felt unable to put anything into it?

Then I decided, to stop forcing it, mainly because there was nothing left to force. I stopped allowing blogging to be my main concern and started looking for my happiness, and following my need to rest.

I took naps, a lot of them. I started reading again. I worked at my job, where I began allowing myself to enjoy it, I laughed at podcasts, I crocheted and watched Netflix. And my little space on the internet has not moved. It has just sat waiting for me.

I, however, feel like a new person. That motivation I was looking for has found me, and I'm excited to pick up where I left off, well, somewhere near there, where the grass is slightly greener.

I've learnt the importance of listening to your body, and that ultimately, you'll become a better version of yourself if you allow yourself the time that you need to just be.

Both mentally and creatively I feel the break has flipped my attitude and allowed me to refuel. I am no longer running on empty and once again feel as though I can, and want to create content I am proud of, be productive, and feel content within myself.

Sometimes it's nice to sit back while the world turn, and there's something in the stillness of the spinning creates the spark you forgot you had.

The Outfit Details:
Playsuit (underneath shirt): ASOS (similar linked)

I'd love to hear what you think of this outfit! I struggled with what to style the shirt dress with, but I think the simple black playsuit underneath worked, and the hat adds an effortless finishing touch!

I hope this post was a reminder to take the break you need! I can't wait to get back into the swing of blogging if you don't already follow me on bloglovin' make sure you do to keep up to date.

Chloe x