Alas, I actually have a new video up on my Youtube Channel, and being a spontaneous favourites video, I, of course, missed out some things which I really wanted to talk about so here are three more of my July Favourites:

The Debrief Podcast (now Nobody Panic) - I actually decided to film a favourites video with the main intention of speaking about this Podcast, I then typically forgot to speak about it. I love everything about this podcast, Tessa and Stevie are hilarious - I've had a fair amount of strange looks for laughing on public transport whilst listening to this. The topics are also relatable and interesting, and so are Tessa and Stevie, plus they give some pretty good advice too. Very much feels like you have some of your pals chatting in your ear, having a great time whilst you all try to get your lives together. Would strongly recommend.

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur - I have found myself reaching for Milk and Honey a lot this month when looking for a quick for words or reassurance or understanding. I'm sure you've all read (or at least heard of) Milk and Honey so I won't go on about it too much. But this collection of poetry is just something special and very real.

Whistles Coin Purse - I have swapped in my ordinary purse, for a little coin purse. I mainly bought it so I'd have something to fit in the little handbag which I talk about in my monthly favourites video (below), and I have converted to using it all the time. It means I carry less crap in my purse - I had some many cards which never used left the slot in my purse, now they stay at home (or in the bin where they belong). It will fit in any bag, and I like the sleek design. I'm definitely enjoying have simplified things in the purse department.

And as you can see from the tease of a photograph, these are not my only favourites from the month, I wanted to keep this post short and sweet but there are many more lovely things included in this video, enjoy x