It is the start of July, so we are officially over halfway through the year. I'm sure, like me, you're all freaking out about where 2017 is going.

I decided to refresh my brain and look at my New Years Goals which I set for myself at the start of the year, to see if any of them are actually happening and which ones have gone out of the window completely. Hopefully, this will give me some focus for the remainder of the year.

1) Be Better at Replying to Text and Emails - this has definitely gone out of the window, I'm still completely rubbish at it

2) No more social breadcrumbing - I do think I've improved slightly on this one, I'm getting better at not saying 'let's go for coffee' in passing, although I definitely do it sometimes.

3) Be more proud of my blog and youtube - This one is actually happening. I've got some pride in the things I create now. I've even made a Facebook page for my blog (here), so the people I know IRL can see the stuff which I was once embarrassed to talk about too!

4) Take better care of my belongings - I feel like I'm improving on this one. I'm definitely a lot tidier which tends to come hand in hand with looking after things.

5) Save some money - uhh about that...

6) Go to life drawing classes - I've not done this, but there is still time.

7) Post spoken word on my youtube - I technically did this, and then took it down. It is something I intend to do again, just when I'm feeling a little happier poetry.

8) Meet more like-minded people, make friends - I am getting better at this one. I've definitely met more like-minded people this year, but there is still room for improvement.

9) Pass my driving test - I'm still having lessons, but I can't see any reason I wouldn't pass by the end of the year.

10) Go to acting lessons - This is something I recently began doing.

11) Look after myself more - In some ways, I do this, in some ways I don't.

12) Keep doing me - I'm 100% feeling more comfortable with who I am at the moment.

I'm pleasantly surprised looking back over those, although I definitely haven't stuck to some of them, some of my goals for the year I've been putting into action! Did you have any goals for 2017?