As I type away at the blogpost, it is the evening of my mums birthday. Without being too cringe, my Mum is my favourite person ever, so I wanted to make her birthday special, as she does every year for me.  I booked the day off work so we could have a nice day together, which we did (I also vlogged, which will be up on my youtube channel Sunday).

I wanted Mum to come downstairs in the morning and be surprised to see the room set up all pretty with birthday things, you know what I mean right? I wanted her to come downstairs and think how lucky she is, and what I wonderful start to her birthday.

Despite my day off work, my 6am alarm stayed on, which I've got to be honest was pretty painful, but I dragged myself out of bed to blow up balloons while I drank my morning coffee. After blowing up the pack of balloon I bought the previous day, I headed downstair. Of course I popped up a Happy Birthday sign. We have a Birthday sign which we always get out - however I didn't realise it had got a little crushed and ripped in the drawer, but it was nothing a bit of tape couldn't fix, although I half wish I got a new one, it did the job.

I then sprinkled some balloon confetti on the table and laid out the presents for mum. I bought the most gorgeous floral wrapping paper from Waterstones, which I added brown string bows to, and then used brown wrapping paper with pink ribbon and white lace to wrap the remaining presents, so I had a pink theme. Luckily my brother and his girlfriend used wrapping paper which fitted in quite well, a green a pink floral paper with a pink bow.

My mum is not massively into birthday cake, so I didn't see the point in getting birthday cake, however cake is surely a birthday requirement so I wanted some type of replacement. I came across these little cake bites in M&S and thought they were perfect - so I got some mini carrot cakes, coffee cakes and some 'afternoon tea' cakes, and popped them onto to a pretty cake stand - they were also delicious.

I think my mum was pretty happy when she came downstairs and saw the effort I'd made. We had the most lovely day together, which you'll hear more about in my video sunday.

What do you like to do to celebrate your loved ones birthdays?