I recently treated myself to a new lipstick - Clinique 47 Matte Peony (£17.50)

 It had come to my attention that the majority of my lipsticks are red and berry shades - my collection is really lacking when it comes to pinks, corals and nudes.

 As the sky brightens and we head into Spring, I feel I need some pink and coral lipstick shades, whether bright or pastel, to be fitting with the season, which has left me with little to reach for in the lipstick department - my recent purchase of Cliniques Peony, however, seems to be filling a gap!

It is a pink with a coral undertone and a matte finish. I love the shade! I think it looks so fresh and brightening on the face, perfect for this time of year! 

I'm really impressed with the formula so far, it's surprisingly moisturising for a matte finish and it's also pretty long-lasting. 

The above image of the lipstick a few hours after application
It cost £17.50 which is a little more pricey than a drugstore lipstick, however, I think that's a pretty good price for a high-end lipstick, and the quality makes me think it was worth every penny! Also, I  quite like the packaging on this which is always a bonus.

I can't wait to wear this shade some more.
What's your favourite lipstick for Spring?

Love C