Monday, 9 June 2014

MAC: Girl About Town.

MAC: Girl About Town, £15
So as you may or may not know, I am a huge lipstick fan. Usually I'm a red girl, and the majority of lipsticks I own and wear are red (my number one lipstick choice since my lipstick obsession started has to be Chanel Rogue Allure 136 Mélodieuse, which is a very true red) people often comment on how my lipstick matches my hair (no it is not intentional, I just happen to like my hair and lipstick red). However recently I've been trying to push myself to try some different lipstick shade and to not always stick to the classic red. I've tried out several new lipsticks, but my favourite has to be 'girl about town' by MAC.

It's very bright and therefore in my comfort zone (I know most people find wearing bright lipstick intimidating, I however feel more comfortable in a bright lipstick), however it's more of a pink than red. I'd describe this colour as a fuchsia pink with a slight blue undertone (having just looked on the MAC website once typing that I noticed MAC have describe the lipstick as bright blue fuchsia.. points for me for lipstick description there!).

On the bottom of the packaging it says the lipstick is the amplified finish (those of you that use MAC lipstick will know they offer several different finishes), however having checked the website I can see the lipstick is actually amplified creme finish (they offer both amplified finish and amplified creme finish so thought I'd better clear up with it was, I assume it only say amplified on the packages as there isn't enough room to include the creme). Nonetheless I really like this finish, definitely my favourite finish of the MAC lipsticks I own (that's not many, I promise). I find this finish glides on the lips very easily, and it very moisturising. I also own Ruby Woo (by MAC) which is a matt finish, and although I like the look of a matt finish lipstick I don't often use it as I feel it dries my lips out, although I do find it slightly longer last that the amplified creme finish, the difference isn't much.

Anyway I feel the post has got a bit rambly so I'm going to tie it up. Moral of the story, I really love Girl About Town by MAC, I  think the colour is beautiful and very pigmented, it's also more of a brightening, summery shade than my usual red. It's a really nice finish and feel great on my lips, overall I'm super happy I purchased this lipstick and can't stop wearing it.

What your current favourite lipstick?
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