Well, hello there.

Welcome to my little place on the internet where I like to share my lipstick loves, the photographs I've snapped and sometimes feel a need to bare my soul. 

Being fuelled mainly by tea, naps, creativity, I follow my desires to write, photograph and overshare in this space.

It all started when I was studying Fashion at Uni, and felt the need to procrastinate by telling my readers (there were probably three at the time), about my favourite lipsticks and go to moisturisers - over the years it has developed into the pastime I most cherish and a lot of hard work which both fills me with pride and embarrassment. 

Here is where I developed my love for photography - having failed the subject at A Level, I could have never imaged 25 years Chloe to find so much joy behind the camera lens. I have also found this to be the space which I feel most comfortable with who I am - although there's something ironic about finding it easiest to share your heart's content for anyone to read on the internet.

I'm a home bird at heart - that home being Bristol England. I'm also a bookworm, proud feminist, rubbish poet, fashion enthusiast, and beauty junkie.

My many rants on here, including the struggles of a 25-year-old who really hasn't got it all figured out, and dreams of becoming an 'actual proper writer'.