After reading this post by TheAnnaEdit, I hit follow on all of the chic French girls which Anna recommended and felt an overwhelming desire to up my style game, so naturally found myself, still on the 'gram, scrolling through the accounts of those who have me heart-eyed emoji over their #OOTDs.

As sharing, is caring, so I put together my own, not so French, favourite fashion Instagram accounts worth a follow.


I will be very surprised if you haven't heard of Brittany, her style is simplistic, yet distinctive. She knows how to layer and play with silhouettes. She dresses in a way which gives off that 'I just threw this on look' and always looks so damn cool. Her wardrobe is full of neutral tones, that never look dull and always stand out. The combination of the shapes and shades she opts for, create a crisp modern look, that although it's super simple, many girls are afraid to be so bold. Her style is sophisticated, and unusual combination of both androgynous and feminine.


Olivia's style is more colourful, more playful. She always rocking trousers/jeans and a printed jumper/tee. She knows how to pair clothes together, so they're loud, showing primary colours and patterns, but she never reaches overloads. I also like the nod toward androgynous, as she rarely opts for a skirt/dress, rather band tees and jumpers oversized.

She often opts for printed jeans, colourful pattern, and simple shapes. She's not afraid to stand out, and she does. 


 Lucy has got the cool girl look down. Lucy knows how to pair up simplicity with a statement to create her crisp style. Her history working in the Fashion industry shows through in her ability to put together outfits which other give off the 'I just threw this on vibe' but also say, I always look great, and I know my aesthetic like the back of my hand. 


The thing I love about Arden is she just seems to wear whatever the fuck she wants. She likes what she likes and that's what she wears - which is something I really admire. Her style playful, quirky, with a hint of elegance, and completely her own. He clothes always seem to be worn with striking confidence. 

Chloe's style had a boho-chic feel to it. She goes for neutral tones and strong silhouettes. Her outfits both look feminine and badass. Personally, I have a lot of love for her use of ribbons in her hair and her ability to make blazers and tees look femme.


Holly is a model, and boy oh boy does it show on her Instagram. Some of the photos are so breathtaking. She certainly has her own style which shines through. Her signature make up look is red lips, minimal face makeup and 0 eye make up, which is so unusual and really compliments her red hair and pale complexion. Her style is playful and unique.


I'd be crazy to not bring up Meg. She's got a style which takes space, and rightly so. The queen of vibrant prints and power poses, Meg's style stand out. She wears such daring outfits, so casually, with a fierceness, we can all envy. She is someone we should all take styling and confidence pointers from. Her style is loud, her ability to put statement pieces together and look so chic deserves shouting about.

What I'm wearing:     

Who are some of your Instagram style favourites? I'm always looking for new accounts to endless scroll, and new faces to make me excited about getting dressed in the morning.
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