I recently realised my collection of earrings was a little sparse, so I was quick to open up ASOS, to see what they had to offer. I got myself a couple new sets, so I thought I'd show how I've been decorating my ears recently.

I like to keep things fairly simple in the earring department more so I went for quite small, subtle sets, with a mix of metals, unlike many people, I don't really have a preference when it comes to gold, silver or rose gold and tend to wear all three, I also quite like wearing a mix of metals, which I'm pretty sure must be breaking so major 'fashion rule' - my bad.

My obsession with crescent moons is ever growing - so of course, moon earrings were a must!
First I brought these moon hoops - which were a repurchase, as my sister had bought me a set for Christmas and I lost one, so now at least I have a spare. They're so unusual and make a bit of a statement without being too OTT.

I also opted for some moon shaped studs. The first pair came in a set of two which included rose gold moon studs, and small gold hoop - this set was perfect, I was on the search for both items, so getting them together was a bonus. I then came across another set with a moon stud - however, this set had just the one rose gold moon stud, with a small gold stud with a clear gem for one ear, and for the other ear, a silver shooting star (similar linked) which rides up the ear lobe. Having my ears pierced twice the seems like the perfect set of three earrings for me, and I love the idea that earring sets do not necessarily have to match.  I think this is my favourite set which I picked up. 

I also picked up some tiny silver hoops, with a  sort of twisted ridged edge (similar linked). I wanted some small silver hoops as I feel they're an earring staple, and the ridged edge just made them so much more interesting than all the other small silver hoops on offer!

Rose Gold Moon Hoops - £12

Two-pack - gold hoop and crescent moon - £10

Pack of three - moon, star and gem earrings - £12

Twisted Hoop Earring - £6

I do want to throw myself into the world of statement earring at some point - so if you have any recommendations f0r more 'out there' earring which I might like please let me know! Until I'm feeling a little braver, I am more than happy with my little moons, hoops and gems!