Monday, 9 June 2014

What now?!

So my life in education is finally over, after waiting for the end of education to come in what feel like forever, now its finally over I'm feeling slightly lost. I kept just assume when the end of my education came things would just fall into place (I know it's only been a little over a week since I finish uni, but I didn't expect this empty feeling nonetheless). The realisation that I am actually still unsure what I want to do with my life and now is the time to figure it out. There are many things I like, and many things I love, but what aspect of my life, my skills and interested do I want to take forward into a career and where do I start with applying?

It's hit me that I've never done this whole growing up thing before (stating the obvious, I know), I need to decide where I want to live, what I want to do and figure out how to get there.. quite frankly thinking about it all is scaring me to death.

I think the end of uni was so hectic that I didn't really give myself time to process that it was coming to the end of uni and big changes were to come.

I do have a job at home to go back to, as a nursery assistant, and yes I do enjoy the job, but as the fashion degree suggests, it isn't a job I've ever intended staying in, and I'm perfectly aware that the longer I stay the more comfortable I will become in the job, and more likely to stay, which I desperately want to avoid doing. Alongside my million reasons to get a new job, as shallow as this sounds I really want a job where I can wear make up to work.

Anyway to tie this post of as once again I'm now rambling (I promise I will try to be less rambly in my blogposts), I need to figure out where to start on my job hunt and what I'm looking for, I guess for now I'll go to with approah of apply for everything, hope for something.
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