As I do every year, just before my birthday, I went to buy something special to wear. 

When my Mum held up this dress in a busy Zara to show me, I immediately fell in love with it. The fabric was so luxurious, the colours suit me, and I felt great when I tried it on.

I went for a meal with my friends and felt joyful as they compliment my outfit, although it was simply a high street find, it completely fit the 'special' brief. I felt confident and wonderful. 

And then, the evening with over, so my 'special' dress was hung in the darkness of my wardrobe for a while.

It was too 'dressy', you see.  I needed an occasion to wear it. It was just a bit OTT for day-to-day.  Then something I read in Ice Cream for Breakfast by Laura Jane Williams came to mind. I didn't need an occasion. Every day is an occasion, every day is special.

And I remembered, I liked how I felt wearing the 'special birthday dress', and I knew I wanted to feel like that again.

So I vowed to show my pretty dress the light of day more. I vowed to let a garment make me feel special whenever I wanted it to.

I paired it with a cropped jumper, to go for coffee, I wore it with heels to dance in a nightclub and Doctor Martens to take myself shopping. 

I span in my garden one Tuesday because it felt nice.

Don't save your best, for best - you deserve to feel nice every day. 

Make the most out of the things that make you feel wonderful. 

Dress for you. 

Put the things on your body which make you want to spin with happiness. 

Every day can is an occasion if you make it one.

Your life is an occasion, don't forget to dress for it. Given the choice, why would you choose not to feel special?

What makes you feel special? Make sure you give it the attention it deserves, the attention that you deserve. Dress for the day you want to have.