One of my favourite things about the start to a new year is making New Years Resolutions, even if the majority of the time I do not stick to them. I feel it's nice to remind yourself to focus on the things you want to achieve. Of course, like most, as the year plays out I tend to lose focus on my resolutions, and sometimes forget them completely. Now we're in April and my resolutions seem to be going down the pan slightly, I decided to make some monthly goals, to give myself things to work on throughout the month, things which will hopefully, help to bring to closer to the person I would like to one day be.

So here they are...
  • To give the bullet journal another shot - after hearing about the bullet journal on Lily Pebbles videos at the start of the year I set up on bullet journal, and well, never completed it. I didn't give it a fair chance, and I've figured that it's something you make your own over time. I love the concept and being a creative person I think it's something which could really work for me. I think this could really make being organised more enjoyable, so throughout April I'm going to try it out all over again, making a conscious effort to keep it up to date, hopefully, it will keep me organised and become something I really enjoy.
  • Finally, begin taking driving lessons - I'm 24, and still cannot drive, I've never driven a car and have no idea how to. Learning to drive is something I have always intended on doing one day, however, I've put it off so much it terrifies me. April will be the month I finally start learning.
  • Track spending -  I'm usually pretty good with money, but last month I was not and I realised how much it sucks not having money. So this month I'm trying to be more aware of what I'm doing with my money. Through the month I'm going to track and put into categories what I'm spending so I'm more aware of what I do with my money and where I'd be able to save it in future.
  • Write more - a few years back I used to write a lot more. I spent a lot of my time doing creative writing, I mainly wrote poetry, and I guess it was a hobby I was a little embarrassed by as especially as I wasn't great at it. Gradually I stopped doing it altogether, however, it's something I miss and would like to again, this time hopefully keep doing it until my writing becomes something to be proud of. It's very therapeutic, so I'm looking forward to going out and treating myself to a nice new notebook, and sitting down to write whatever comes to mind. It's probably something which will keep very personal at first, but one day I might write something worth sharing.
  • Promote my blog - I work very hard on my blog as it's something I enjoy doing, however as I work so hard on it, it would be nice to feel as though people are reading. I don't often promote myself on social media, I guess because it's the one part of blogging to I don't enjoy so much, and I don't want to be that annoying person that's always promoting themselves. This month I'm going to try it out, I'm going to put an effort into promoting my blog and other social media to see if it makes a difference.
  • Running - I've feeling particularly unfit recently, this month I'm going to try to go for a lot more runs and jogs to get my fitness levels up. I feel it's the perfect time to get into it as the evening are now lighter.
  • Cleaner eating - Alongside feeling unfit, I've also been feeling unhealthy and pretty slobbish. I want to focus on being more aware of what I'm eating and making better, healthier choices when it comes to food.
  • Stick to a blog/youtube schedule - The amount of times I've tried and failed to stick to blog schedules is ridiculous, however I seem to be slowly becoming more organised so I'm hoping I can get into the routine of sticking to a upload schedule for both my blog and youtube. You can (hopefully) expect blog posts from me on Wednesday and Saturday evenings, and Youtube videos every Sunday evening.
I may do a little review post at the end of the month to let you know how I got on. Wish me luck with my goals!

Have you set yourself any personal goals recently? What are they?