Something I wanted to talk (well, type) about is goodbyes. I know this is far from my usual lipstick based blogpost, however it's something that I have found myself reflecting on a lot recently, and I wanted to clear my head of it a little, so I decided to put my fragmented thoughts into words. I did say this year I would talk as freely as I wanted on my blog, so it was going to get a little personal at some point, I guess we're at that point.

Throughout life, Goodbye is something we say or feel a lot. Goodbyes seem to be becoming more frequent in my life the older I get, whether they're the goodbye you never said because you didn't realise that person had drifted from you or the dragged out inevitable goodbye. Both, of course are painful.

I don't think I am saying this applies to everyone you leave behind. Not all goodbyes are painful, some of course are positive, and some are needed. Those kind however are not the kind which are bothering me.

As humans, people constantly come in and out of our lives. Some people we can leave behind without feeling a thing, maybe not even realising we have until we look back, and some people you feel a connection with, a piece is missing when they go, and you feel slightly empty after that final goodbye - of course in time that space fills, but it's a empty for a while nonetheless, even if it's just for seconds.

There are some goodbyes we set ourselves up for. We let our guard down, we connect with people knowing that a goodbye is coming. Hoping that knowing it's around the corner will make it less painful, that we'll enjoy our time with that person but leave it behind when they leave us behind, that memories that will remain and won't be bittersweet.

I believe people should live for the moment, I think we should have people in our lives we want there, whether they may leave in a few months, a few years or stay forever, because if you want someone there, you still want them despite ticking clocks. 

Having said this I'm not so great at the goodbyes. The people who choose to leave are difficult, because I feel envious, and sad  that they're gone,  and they've made the choice to go. 

I think it's important that no matter how short the time is someone is around you always appreciate them, and when they leave, have grace, say goodbye, be sad, be happy and move on.
Even if they don't stay long, I think there is always a reason people pop by.

How do you find saying goodbye? It is not something I do well, which I guess is why I'm writing this. I recently struggled with a goodbye, more than I expected - I was lost for words, and now the words have found me.