Thursday, 17 April 2014

REN: Emollient Rescue Cream

This product has been an absolute lifesaver for my skin recently. I suffer with really dry skin, and always worry about trying new skin products, which meant I had been using the same moisturizers for years, which would make a difference to my skin for about all of  five minutes and left my skin in a horrible state, so I decided to be brave and try something new, and I will definitely not go back.

I first read about this product on a random blog I found when looking for skin care recommendation and as the price isn't too high I decided to pop to M&S and get some. Since I have been using this product my skin has been in a better condition than it has for years.

The moisturizer is a very thick consistency, it  absorbs into the skin quickly, and has a very slight clinical scent to it.
It would definitely recommend this product for those of you with dry skin, especially if your skin is in need of a rescue (I feel the product was named particularly well as it has definitely saved my skin). On the packaging is says suitable for all skin types, however I feel it could be slightly too thick for more oily skin - that however is me assuming, it could be lovely on more oily skin also.

This is the first of the REN products I've tired, so I am looking forward to trying out some more of their products to see if the entire range is this impressive. With my last purchase of this moisturizer, I got a free gift which came with many samples of REN products (you had to buy two items for the range to get the gift, so I bought two lots of this), when I get round to trying all of these products I will do another blog review on the REN products which were included in the gift set.

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