Sunday, 13 April 2014

Me, Myself and I...

Although I have many other posts planned (many make up reviews to come shortly), I decided to put them on hold, and to make my first 'real' post photos and facts about myself.

Sooo here we go,
26 random and pointless facts about me:

  1. I recently became vegetarian 
  2. I'm 22, and yes I still suck my thumb
  3. I'm almost blind in my left eye
  4. I'm the youngest child, I have a brother and sister
  5. a have a small obsession with the moon, daisies and wolves.. I have no idea why
  6. I only own two pairs of jeans, usually if I'm wearing them it means I'm in a bad mood
  7. I currently have 4 tattoos, and more planned.. however I'm too scared my mum will kill me if I get anymore
  8. Despite being 22, I still ask my mum everytime I want to do something
  9. My lecturer has nicked named me chole, it seems to have stuck
  10. Although my hair is a ridiculously bright, unnatural red, I get people asking if it's natural at least once a week
  11. Sometimes I write poem. Pretty bad, embarrassing poems 
  12. My favourite film is (500)Days of Summer
  13. I read before if a crush exceeds four months it's love.. if this were true I've been in love four times. However I wouldn't necessarily believe that
  14. I decided to do 26 facts, because I really like the number 26, I've no idea why, but it's my lucky number
  15. I like to look up the meaning of my dreams, and read my horoscopes far too much
  16. Fox and the Hound is the only film to really make me cry
  17. I'm left handed 
  18. I love drawing, yet rarely draw
  19. I love to read, yet rarely read
  20. I failed AS textiles, I'm now in my third (and final) year of my degree in fashion
  21. The way to my heart is Harry Potter and Lipstick
  22. I'm a Scorpio
  23. I was two months premature. 
  24. I drink far too much tea. Milk and no sugar please
  25. I have a pet cat and two rabbits at home, and a rabbit at uni
  26. I'm probably the palest person you will ever meet. No matter how much my skin is out, I don't catch the sun, or burn. I don't do fake tan either.
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