Saturday, 29 March 2014

New Blog

After about a million attempts to have a blog I've decided to try to stick at it and make this one less about my personal life, instead write reviews (on fashion, beauty, literature and anything else I fancy), post my work, outfit inspiration, wish lists, the occasional personal post  and any other bits and bobs which I feel relevant or are requested.

After having a love for reading the blogs of others and being a fashion student given a inspiring lecture made me think it's about time I made my own blog to get myself out there a bit. Unfortunately, being a third year  fashion student limits my time slightly, so up until my fashion show in May, posts may not be too regular as I have my graduate collection to make (six outfits) and a portfolio to complete, I'll do my best however.

Please be understanding that I'm new to blogging, unfortunately I don't have SLR to take photo, so until I'm working and have some money to spare we're going to have to deal with photo taken on my iphone 5, but hopefully if I get into the swing of blogging, once I've graduated and got a job I can get a better camera.
Also I am a student, with no job (I'm not lazy, promise - I'm just trying to concentrate on finishing my degree for now), so I won't be able to offer lots of reviews on high end expensive products, simply because I can't afford them - hopefully one day though!

Please try not to assume any advice I may give is fact, I'm no expert, everything I post will be personal opinion or what I've learnt works for me from experience.

Now we're done with the apologies, I'd better introduce myself..

I'm Chloe, I'm 22 and from Bristol. As I've already mentioned I'm a third year fashion student, studying at Plymouth College of Art, my graduate fashion show is Wednesday the 28th of May, and then it's time to find a real job, which frankly scares me to death. I don't really know what else to say about myself, so I guess you're going to have to find out from my other post.

Sorry this have been such a long winded hello! I hope you all enjoy my blog :).
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