There's something quite wonderful about the start of a new romantic relationship. Beyond the excitement of 'this person wants to kiss me', once you get past the sometimes awkward first few dates, you then have someone to do cool stuff with. There's someone to go to the cinema with when the film you really want to see is showing. There's someone to look at art with and go to museums with when you want to feel cultured. There's someone to try out new restaurants with and exploring the part of the city you've never visited with. If you're stuck for what to do, pages and pages will come up when you google 'cool date ideas'  Not only are you dating but your Instagram game has stepped up a notch because heck you're life is so much more interesting now you've got somebody who stops you spending your evenings going to bed at 9pm with a good book.

But what if you have 0 romantic interests? A dislike for tinder? and have no desire is awkward first dates in hope to reach something beyond that? Heck, what if you like 9pm bedtimes and a good book? because I certainly do. Should you miss out the world which seems open to exploring when you step into a new relationship? Hell No.

Date yourself. Date your friends. I recently heard this the saying

 "Put a little more friendship into your romantic relationships and a little romance into your friendships" 

I've haven't stopped thinking about the romance in my friendships since. 

Friendships are just as valuable, if not more so that your romantic relationships. Treat them like it. Buy your friends flowers and explore cities together.

Lately, my life has felt kind of romantic without any actual romance.

I've visited museums, fell in love with the art at an exhibition and spoke to friends about my most meaningful topics. I've drunk really good coffee in the cutest coffee shops. I've dressed up.

Sometimes it's about just doing the thing you want to do. Go out alone. The other day, I sat in a coffee shop, wearing a pretty dress sipping a latte and people watching and I think there's romance in that.

I've wandered in the sun chatting with a friend and watching the world pass us by.

I've eaten ice creams and drank beers.
I sat across from my friend and wrote a poem while enjoying her company.

I've just had a really nice time. And it all happened when I realised, I didn't matter if I had no one to date, no one who might one day be my boyfriend, when I have myself and so many other wonderful relationships.

It's nice to date without getting home and spending my evening analysing all that I said, and wondering if he's going to text me back.

Look for romance in the day to day, and in the relationships, you already have, and enjoy a new world of dating.

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Pictures were taken at Bristol Museum, at the Grayson and Perry Exhibition.