If you regularly read my blog or watch my videos you might remember that I have mentioned how this year I intend to become a fitter and healthier person so I feel better, look better and hopefully live longer.

I have said a million times before that I am going to get fit and eat healthier, but if I am honest it never really lasts as long as I intend. However this time I'd quite like to make some lifestyle changes and keep up something which is sustainable too, rather than going on a fad diet for a few weeks.

As the new year was approaching I began considering how I was going to go about getting fitter, healthier and losing weight when a friend of mine Timmo who is a personal trainer posted on his Facebook page (here)  that he looking for bloggers to review his online personal training programme which I thought seemed like a great opportunity as I don't have much knowledge on this stuff I felt I could do with a hand, so I got in contact with him, and here I am writing this blog post.

I am yet to begin the programme, I will be starting tomorrow but I thought it would be a good idea to write a little blog post on the process so far and how I have prepared to start the programme, along with what Timmo has done for me.

First of all, Timmo gave me a questionnaire to fill out, the questions were simple enough to answer, including details such as my goals so we have something to aim for, my dietary requirement and my occupation. The questions didn't take long but it still gave Tim a good idea of what fitness and diet plans would be suitable for me.

Something I really like about this programme is that it does feel very tailored to myself personally, unlike many of diets, and work out plans which become popular, where everybody is doing the exact same things. I think it makes more sense to have a plan for just me because my requirements and aims could be very different from the next persons.

Once I had got back to Timmo my answers, he made my personal nutrition and fitness plans and sent them to me (pretty swift too, I didn't have to wait at all long to receive them). These plans are very specific and fit nicely around my pescetarian diet and lack of gym access! Along with these plans he also included instructions on how to complete all of the workouts correctly, as well as stretching instructions, and some tips were included in my diet plan too (which I think is super handy because I always worry I am doing that stuff wrong).

I'm looking forward to starting tomorrow, I've been to do a lot of healthy grocery shopping (a few of the bits are included in the pictures). The only problem I had was so certain healthy foods are a bit harder to get hold of, however, Holland & Barrett had a good selection of healthy food which is easy enough for me to get to, it's just a shame that all shops aren't the same. Also, healthy food is slightly more expensive, which I think is pretty ridiculous but also worth paying for, and it's good for you!

I have to say I can't wait for my trainers back on and trying out some different food which are good for me, although I must admit there is a small nervous part of me too!

You can find Timmo's facebook page here if you want to find out more!

I'll do some blogs when I begin to keep you all updated on my progress and the programme. Wish me luck!

Love Chloe