As promised, here is a blog post about how I found the first week of my online health and fitness programme with Timmo, and of course any progress made - sorry this post is a little later than intended due to crap internet and being unwell, but better late than never right.

If you don't know what I am talking about, I have been completing an online health and fitness programme for just over a week now which I spoke about in my last blog post which you can find here, you can also find out more about Timmo and his personalised fitness plans on his website which is here or facebook pages which you can find here.

I have never followed such a strict diet and fitness plan before, so it was quite challenging, however not in the ways which I expected. When I think of diet plans, often expect to feel hungry and to crave unhealthy foods, however, I found this to be quite the opposite. I found myself to constantly feel full. I did, however, struggle to eat all of the food on my diet plan as I do have quite a small appetite. 

I took some quick iPhone snaps of two of my meals to give you an idea of what kind of things I was eating, I meant to take more, but I always found myself tucking into my food before I remembered. 

Omelette with spinach, tomatoes and onion 

Salmon Fillets with courgette and spinach

My food plan cater specifically to my pescetarian diet, meaning my meals including a lot of veg, egg and fish, which was I actually found really enjoyable, none of my meals was boring, which I think a lot of the reason people don't always eat healthily is because they perceive healthy food as being boring - this is not the case. I also found myself trying out some food I'd never thought to try before, and enjoying them, such a quinoa and almond milk. My favourite meal of the week was a seafood paella which I will definitely be eating more from now on.

I would say a diet plan like this would not be great for the girl (or guy) who is always in a rush, I found myself spending a lot more time than usual cooking and preparing food. I also found myself spending a lot more money on food, which I did expect.

If you intend to complete one of these diet plans, one thing I would advise is to write a shopping list as soon as you get the plan and buy everything in one go - I didn't do this, I bought bits in dribs and drabs and found it to be a lot more hassle than it needed to be. This, however, is nobody fault but my own. 

As for the fitness side of things - I had four works out per the week, 2 strength and 2 cardio with a rest day between each. The workout plan was much more sustainable than I had expected.  It's nice to know I can concentrate on getting fit without it taking over my life.

I did find the workouts difficult, (but isn't that the point of them?!) of course I'm not the fittest, and the harder you work the more results you'll see. Timmo sent me instructions on how to complete all of the workouts and stretches correctly - however with some of the strength exercises I did find myself looking them up on youtube and I am quite a visual person I sometimes struggle with simply reading instructions, so maybe Timmo should consider creating some instructional videos, as I think it would be a great way to improve the plan, as I still found myself not feeling completely sure I was completing all the exercises entirely correctly. After my first work out, although I stretched, I don't think I stretched enough or properly which meant I ached quite a lot the next day, so if you're going to complete one of these plans understand the importance of your stretching.

Now the part I'm sure you've all be waiting to read about... did I see results?!
The answer is yes I did, in just a week my stomach began to feel flatter, and I noticed my bras have also got a little big on me. Unfortunately, I am an absolute idiot and forgot to take a before picture - I will, however, take on now so I will be able to post a before and after picture in my next post update. I was pleasantly surprised when I measured myself to find all of my measurements had gone down - I didn't expect to see results quite so quickly. I lost 4cm on my thigh, 3cm on my chest, 6cm on my waist, and 2cm on my hips which I am finding hard to believe - goes to show the strict diet and working out was worth it. I have also noticed I have been sleeping better since doing the plan which could be completely unrelated, but I thought I throw that in there too.

This programme is prefect for people like me, who want to get healthier and fitter but don't know where to start, or know very little about nutrition and fitness. However you have got to be willing to put in the work, be committed and spend the extra money on the healthier options. Something I did find frustrating was getting into a routine with eating so that I ate often enough, while working that around my work hours, as well as doing things with friends, having to say no to having a meal or a hot chocolate, whilst everyone around me enjoyed them.

I will update you more the plan in the next week or so. 

If you want to check on Timmo I left his links at the start of the blogpost.

I hope you're all having a lovely day.

Love Chloe