My 23rd birthday is just over a week away (how am I nearly 23 already?!), so my mum has recently asked me what I would like for my birthday, as nothing big comes to mind straight away, she's asked if I can write a list of little bits I would like so she can choose some bits from it for me, or have more of an idea, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to for a wishlist blogpost.

My mum is not really a big internet user, so I'm going to try to look mainly for things you can buy in stores (there is a lot I want from at the moment but I'll save that for another wish list).

I love Gilmore Girls, it's just such a feel good casual series to watch. I've got the first three season on DVD already and have watched them over so many times it would be nice to have a new season to watch (although I've probably already seen all the episodes already it).

I know everyone in the world of beauty has heard of or has at least one of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes ... however, I happen to be one of the few people who is yet to own one of the famous palettes, so I have decided it's about time I got one to see if they live up to the hype. I think I would like the 3 most (technically I would like all of them.. but that's not happening). I really love the pink undertone to the shades in the 3, I think it looks nice and feminine.

Not so long ago I lost my beloved Red Chanel Lipstick (which I believe was in the shade 104 Passion, but I could be wrong), anyway I have been wanting to replace it ever since, so I couldn't not ask for one when my birthday came around. However I would quite like to try the shade 98 Coromandel instead of opting for the same shade I had beforehand, as sometimes it's nice to try new shades, and (hopefully) discover new favourites.

Tanya Burr Individual Eyelashes

I'm not usually an eyelash girl, in fact, despite my natural eyelashes being ridiculously short and straight I don't think I have worn fake eyelashes - I just think they can look slightly too fake, and I don't stand a chance of doing a decent job of applying them. However, since reading many reviews I read how easy these are to apply and how natural looking they are, so I thought it would be nice to wear them for my birthday night out as it is a bit of a special night and I want to make an effort to look nice.

I love a good beanie - especially during the winter and I get rather cold ears and have suffered for some very bad ear infections in the past I like to make sure I keep my ears warm to (hopefully) prevent anymore infections (sorry tmi I know), and beanies are just the nicest way to do that, they look cool (at least I think), and suit me (at least I think) and are just a nice accessory to finish an outfit. Personally I think this beanie from Topshop is really cute, I love the cable knit and fur pom pom - it would be a really nice one to add to my collection and I'm sure I'd get tonnes of wear out of it.

All of the above are obviously just ideas for my mum as she asked for them, I don't care if I don't get any of these things, or mum might just want to use them for a little inspiration as to what kind of things and want and buy similar, or if she see anything she think I'll like but it's not on this list I'm sure I will love it - she doesn't have to go by this list, or get me a single present, this is just a guideline as she asked for. 

Hope you like reading this little wish list.

Love Chloe