Recently I have heard so many good things about the home section of H&M, so decided to have a browse on their website, I've got to say I was pretty impressed. I found myself adding so much to my amazon wish list.. when I began adding towels I realised I was getting a bit carried away considering I still live with my mum.

Anyway, I thought I share some of the bits I can wait to get my hands on with you... and just so you know, this post is not at all sponsored (nor are any of my other posts) I just got far too excited on the H&M website so wanted to share this on my  blog.

Hey good looking cushion cover - £6.99

How cute is this cushion cover? and so cheap too! I definitely want to get one of these.

Bird Plate - £3.99

I saw this plate and almost ordered it straight away, then I realised until I move out I have no need for a random plate, and although it's super good value for money at just £3.99 I am supposed to be on a spending ban and buying plates won't help me save for my holiday. I really love the use of white on black in this plate, you don't often see plates (or other things for that matter) with black as the base colour with a white image on top, and I just think it looks really cool!

Rabbit Plate - £4.99

Yet another plate which I have no use for until I move into my own place which won't be for a very long time, but I still could not resist putting this plate onto my wish list, I just think it is so cute! When I move out I would love to have lots of mix-matched plates (mainly in black and white) and these two would be great to start the collection.

Small Porcelain Dish - £2.99

This dish would be the perfect way to store earring, hair grips and other bits and bobs, it would also look really sweet on my bedside table!
Scented Candle - £6.99
I want to get a few scented candles to make my room to make it feel a little more homely and fresh. This candle also matches the porcelain dish really well!

Cup and Saucer - £4.99
This cup and saucer is adorable, I also really want to try to read it!

Rabbit Cup - £3.99
There's a rabbit teacup to match the place, and how adorable is it?

Polka dot mug - £3.99
I don't think I have ever wanted a mug this much.. you can't really see but inside it says "hey, good looking', and the polka dots are adorable, I think this would be the perfect hot chocolate mug for Autumn/Winter. I don't think this will be staying on my wish list long before I buy it.

Metal Pot - £6.99
I have been searching for a nicer way to store my make up brushes, rather than keeping them in making up bags or in the cases they came in, and I think this pot would be perfect, it so pretty and would add a nice pop of colour to my bedroom, and looks as though it would be big enough to store all of my brushes.

Overall I was so impressed by the product available in H&M home sections, and they are all such good value for money! I will definitely be treating myself to a few of these bits soon!

What's on your wishlist?

Love Chloe