So those of you who know me know I have a massive fear of public speaking, to the point where a lot of the time if I have to speak in front of a group of people I feel dizzy, faint and then speaking is not the only challenge I face, I then also need to concentrate on not passing out while I speak.

Anyway, this may not seem a big deal to anyone else, but yesterday I had a group interview, which terrified me.. knowing that I'd most likely have to speak about myself in front of a group of strangers, and appear confident, I felt as though my chances of getting this job had gone down the pan and I'd embarrass myself along the way too.

Of course, I was being a tad dramatic. I went to the interview, and yes it did require speaking in front of the other candidates, but they all seemed like really nice girls and we all got along well which made me feel a little relaxed.

Through the interview we had to do serval tasks as a team. The first of which we had to learn about another person and present them to the group, the last of which we had to present an item we had on us to the group... both of these activity, and I am surprised to say neither of these activities we anywhere near as scary as I had made them out to be.

Overall the interview went really well, but if I don't hear back I'll still be pleased I went for the experience, I think I proved to myself my fear of public is something I've built up in my head and is nowhere near as scary as I have convinced myself it is.

The fact is I got through yesterday without feeling as though I was going to pass out at as second and stuttering each word, I actually left the interview feeling positive, and hoping I'll get a call back.

So maybe some things aren't so scary once we face them.