So this post is going to be more of a picture post than writing post. I just felt as I am using this blog more often, it's about time I shared more about the important people in my life.  
Amy is my closest friend and has been for years now. We know each from school, we got to know each other in year 10 as we were in the same textile class (which we were both awful at... god knows how I've ended up with a fashion degree), and have been inseparable ever since... even when I'm away at uni and we've both been too busy to talk all the time, I'd often receive a card in the post from Amy letting me know she's missing me, I think little things like that in friendships really count.
Anyway, I just wanted to share some of my favourite photos of myself and my best friend, because I'm feeling very loving towards her right now, and why not show off my best friend on my blog?!

The first time Amy came round my house we spent hours taking photos of our hand attempting to say LOVE

About 10 minutes after this photo was taken we went to ASDA with kisses still on our cheeks

This was a New Years Eve. I'm very confused by our outfits and the pose?!

After taking this photo I bought the top we're both wearing, Amy bought the trackies she's wearing.

Amy's bum in the mirror. I'm forever regretting not buying this top.

Shortly after this I puked, a lot

In a park with pant on our heads.. we bring on with weird in each other

Classy girls in our ball dresses...

Dancing alone in a pub.

Helping me more into my first uni bedroom

Us at 22 years old...

I love this photo, such a shame is in the toilets

I tried to put these pictures in some sort of order of when they happened, I could be pretty off, but there you have it a short timeline of some of my favourite pictures taken of us since we've been friends <3