Thursday, 23 February 2017


 I'm sure you can tell from my recent posts, that I have been completely undecided on what do with my hair. The colour was a grown out mixture of faded red and blonde, and the style, well, there wasn't really one.

Anyway, I decided to just dye my hair a neutral brunette, meaning the upkeep will be easier and I'm a bit fan of brunette hair. The colour came out slightly darker than I wanted to, but I'm sure it was fade nicely in next few washes. I like how it looks, and I feel I can be more adventurous with makeup and clothes now I have hair with is more a 'natural' colour. I also love that my hair and eyes are the same shade.

I decided to just get a trim, and then some bangs to change things up a little. The fringe is slightly thicker than I wanted, which it entirely my fault - when I asked if it was okay with wet hair, I said to make the fringe slightly thicker, not thinking about how it changes as it dries. I like the style nonetheless, I feel I look a lot younger with a fridge, but I love it.

Overall I'm really happy with my new do! There's something so refreshing about changing your hair up. What do you think of my new style? xx


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