Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Lately, I have been enjoying experiment with eyeliners, and the Marc Jacobs Highliners have really been floating my boat.

They're a gel formula so they just glide on, and they really late! I'm usually a liquid liner kind of girl - but these are so much easier to apply, if you want to wing it you can just drag the pen along slightly and smudge it out into the shape you want. It makes application easy, and give you the option to go for the neatly finished look, or a more smudged liner - personally recently I've been enjoying wearing my liner a little smudgy. I've also smudged these Highliners all across my eyelid for a full shadow look.

The Marc Jacobs Highliners give you a little time to smudge before they dry, and then once they set,  they last pretty much all day on me - which is amazing, considering how much my eyes water, and being the more tired girl ever does mean I'm prone to rubbing my eye and ending up with black eyes - yet these liners stay put nonetheless.

The colour range in this liner is great. I have three different colours. The shades Blacquer, Lollipop and Wavelength. All of which I have become obsessed with, of course the black ('blacquer') shade is an essential because everyone loves black liner once in a while, my favourite to wear recently is the pink ('lollipop') shade, which just creates the most stunning pink look, and for when I'm not feeling quite so adventurous, I'm enjoying wearing the blue shade (wavelength), which I think look incredible against my brown eyes - it makes my dull eyes pop a little more.

These are £20 which I think is pretty good considering the high quality.

I'd recommend giving them a go!

Monday, 27 February 2017

I have a new hobby...

 After a much needed clear out I came across a miniature suitcase, which was messily filled with photographs, which I were just gathering dust, and getting ruined - I also then came across two empty scrapbook, which I'd never got around to filling - so I decided to organise myself a bit, and put the pictures into my scrapbooks - initially for organisation sake.

I got myself a cup of tea, popped on Gilmore Girls (my obsession is back), and began putting my pictures into the books. I felt a biter-sweet feeling as I looked though my old photographs, reminiscing on old times, and realising how much my life, my relationships and I had changed over the years. 

As my hands kept busy typing out labels, and my mind was engrossed in Gilmore Girls, while considering what which washi tape would look best, I realised I felt more content than I had in a long time. 
My I need to organise my photographs soon transformed into something I love to do, scrapbook has recently become a favourite lone pass time of mine. And I've got to say, it's so much nicer to look through my photographs now they're mainly all in one place and organised. I've filled two scrapbooks within two weeks, and I now need to buy my third. I've been trying to take more photographs - so my new hobby ties in perfectly with this goal!
I hope you enjoyed this little peak into m scrapbooks! I know they're something I'll look over in years to come. 

Friday, 24 February 2017

February in Poetry.

My Auntie and Uncle - a photograph I took which is completely unrelated to all of the poetry below, I just liked the image...
I want to write 
But I can't 
The rhythms don't ring right 
And there's a sort of emptiness to my vocabulary 

As I listen to the letter which falls from the flicks of your tongue so naturally 
And pray to god, someday that will be the case for me.  

But the arrangement of my word is off 
And heartfelt feelings come across like 
I couldn't really give a toss 
 But I'll write in messy scrolls 
Tiredly type away 
Because I still there are things I need to say 

My mind is filled with 3 am words
Which stop my sleeping slumber
Until I take I dissect, pick apart, observe and connect them 
My pillow is pointless and my head wildly restless.


For once in my life 
I'm relieved you 
Didn't reply

I despise my sleepy fingers 
For letting dreaminess demolish my guard and
Following a desire 
to ask how are you 

When really ignorance is bliss 
When I feel there is a star-studded intention in this distant 
And I no long feel a pressing urge to 
Each and every inch
Of that body which I no longer

So why sleep fueled sensations 
Drive me to enquire on your emotions 
When I really couldn't give 
A shit
Is some sort of unsolved mystery.
But I hope to you don't see it as complimentary 

Your head is big enough already. 


Maybe they're right 
Maybe I've got a few loose nuts
They don't warn of the side effect 
of caring too much 

Is it really so tragic if I want to know you're okay 
And I think you're confused
But if I don't want to, I'd beg you not to stay. 

Does it really make me a psychopath to text too many times? 
I didn't realise rules really applied 
In my eyes, if I think through every action and question whether I'm flirting with your attraction
Then I should be accused  
Of masking truths
But wanting a chat,
What is the harm in that? 

But honestly what does a text say about my mental state of being 
And how don't you find yourself insulted
That you believe my only reason. Logically excuse, 
For wanting to talk to you
Is losing my marbles. 

You seem to be rolling across the ground
lost, and not found.



It was an act of desperation 
and, yes
I didn't take your feelings into consideration.
Kettle, pot. 
But when you distance yourself in the far fetch allotted slot
How do you expect me to feel empathy?
And when I tried so hard, sent you cards
My existence was still something you disregard
Guess because you fell

And I did too. 
And the things we did won't be fixed with super glue 
And I should stop trying 
And should have shut my lips before lying 
But they're not denying
You were gonna be pissed no matter what 
And you were unapproachable 
Did I tell you 
He asked me on a date
Not as sleezy as you imagine,

And saying yes is taking advantage of his depression? 
And his bedroom was an alternative
Because God heaven forbid 
We went for a drink in the pub, 
When before anything happened, 
you decided 
enough was enough.

We might have had sex
But it wasn't a sex thing
More like a broken hearted, twisted minded
What the fuck is next thing. 
It felt a lot more incredibly complex 
than what you expect. 

And I shouldn't have written that poem
 But I'm can't escape the words, 
so I'm writing another. 
I might have fucked up, 
But you forgave me 
after my sorry
four years ago 

Now you decided to relive the past
you're pissed your relationship didn't last. 

Sorry I hurt you. 
But you weren't there. 
And reacted
 The way we expected 
Yet wonder why secrets were necessary 
I wish I held it tight to my chest a lifetime longer
Because neither of our bodies are yours,

And there was really no point is fake forgiveness, 
And really is my sex life any of your business? 


Thursday, 23 February 2017


 I'm sure you can tell from my recent posts, that I have been completely undecided on what do with my hair. The colour was a grown out mixture of faded red and blonde, and the style, well, there wasn't really one.

Anyway, I decided to just dye my hair a neutral brunette, meaning the upkeep will be easier and I'm a bit fan of brunette hair. The colour came out slightly darker than I wanted to, but I'm sure it was fade nicely in next few washes. I like how it looks, and I feel I can be more adventurous with makeup and clothes now I have hair with is more a 'natural' colour. I also love that my hair and eyes are the same shade.

I decided to just get a trim, and then some bangs to change things up a little. The fringe is slightly thicker than I wanted, which it entirely my fault - when I asked if it was okay with wet hair, I said to make the fringe slightly thicker, not thinking about how it changes as it dries. I like the style nonetheless, I feel I look a lot younger with a fridge, but I love it.

Overall I'm really happy with my new do! There's something so refreshing about changing your hair up. What do you think of my new style? xx


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

What's in my bag?!

Today I thought I'd post a classic 'What's in my bag' because everyone enjoys being nosey, right?!

The bag I've got is a black leather backpack from Coach with Gold hardware. I love this bag, it's a good size, it looks nice and backpack is just easy to wear, especially if you're like to and tend to take everything you could possibly need, or want in your bag for the day.

iPhone 7+
iPhone Headphones
Olympus Pen just in case I fancy snapping some blog photos
Tom Ford Glasses and Case
Nina is not OK by Shappi Khorsandi, the book which I'm currently reading as part of the Banging Book Club
Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in the shade Sexy Sienna 
Zoella Hand Cream
Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme in J'Adore
House Keys with the cutest cat key ring, and of course a Deathly Hallows key ring
Small Mulberry Purse (similar here)
Nail file
Hey Beautiful Black Case (which I store the bits below in)
Zoella Hand on Heart Gel
2 plasters
a pack of paracetamol
Hair grips
Pixi Hydrating Milky Face Mist
Some tampons - keeping it real. 


Monday, 20 February 2017

Leather with a dash of blue.

I've slowly but surely been investing in some pieces for my wardrobe so that eventually I'll be able to do that whole capsule wardrobe thing. 
One of the first things wardrobe shopping list was a leather jacket. This was a piece I wanted to invest in as leather jackets never really go out of fashion, and they can pull together any outfit - they are just an all round great wardrobe staple, and it's something which I knew I'd get a whole lot of use of out. 

I went for one from Whistles, and yes it was pricey, however, I did manage to get it when they had a 20% off so I saved some pennies and I think this is a piece I'll be wearing in years to come.

This day I went for quite a layered look and a mixture of textures this day to go with the leather. I popped on a velvet skater dress, and over the top wore the gorgeous layered, pleated top from Warehouse. Also, I wore my Dune knee length leather boots - at first I felt unsure about the boots, but after a while, I decided I quite liked the whole matchy-matchy leather and leather look.

To break down the black (because let's be honest, there's a lot of it!) I wrapped up this blue and yellow checked scarf. I love the shade of blue, and I think it just adds a nice touch vibrancy to the very black outfit.

What do you think?

Leather Jacket, similar here
Dress similar here - any black velvet dress/skirt would look great!
Necklace similar here


Thursday, 16 February 2017

Neom Tranquility Intensive Skin Treatment Candle

For Christmas, my Brother and his girlfriend kindly got me the Neom Tranquility Skin Treatment Candle - when I saw it was a Neom Candle, it's safe to say I was excited - Neom is such a lovely luxury brand, however, I usually struggle to justify spending the money on luxury candles for myself, so this gift was a real treat.

Then, I realised this wasn't your standard lovely candle which just burns away - this candle was meant for skin treatment - after burning the candle and letting the wax cool, it creates an oil which you pop onto your skin for deep nourisment.

Firstly, this seemed utterly bizarre, I've never known a candle to double up as a skin treatment before, but also fabulous. I love burning candles and my skin is often in need of some nourishment.

I've got the tranquilly scent, which is great to use before bed, you can smell the Lavender and Jasmine in the candle which helps to relax me and ensure a restful nights sleep, something which I usually struggle with. They also do a treatment candle in the Real Luxury scent which it's meant to distress - something I'm very keen to try!
I love the scent of this candle. You can tell this candle is of a high quality as you can occasionally smell the candle when it is unlit, and once the candle is burning the scent can fill a room, without feeling too overpowering and headache inducing. 

The candle is in a beautiful white jar with gold detailing, so it looks great on display and would fit nicely into pretty much any room. There is a pointed nib to make pointing the oil out easier - it also has the gold drop detailing on it, which I think is a nice little feature - overall the package of this product is fab.

The part I'm sure you're most keen to hear about is the skin treatment...
I opted to pour the candle on to my hands, rather than straight to where I intended to put it on the skin because that just felt a little less messy and this works just fine. The consistency is quite thick as you'd imagine, and a little bit went a long way (which I guess is a good thing because it will last so much longer), it felt slightly as though it sat on top of the skin when I first massaged it in, then it seemed to sink in and made my skin feel, and look softer almost instantly. It definitely made a difference to my skin - and it felt as though it gave my legs much deeper nourishment than your standard moisturiser. 

I'm really impressed with the product overall - I was sceptical as first, however, I found it does a fab job both being a lovely candle, and skin treatment, plus, it looks pretty too - I'm tempted to treatment to the other scent.

Have you tried a skin treatment candle before? x


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Little ways to show yourself love.

So, today is February 14th, better known as Valentines day.
Personally, I love Valentines Day.

Whether you're single or in a relationship, I think love is something we should celebrate.

However, this day can leave those single people feeling more alone than ever - if you're single, like me, I urge you to use the day to appreciate your own company, and reach out to friends and family.

Show yourself, or the people in your life a bit of love. After all, that's what today is all about.

Here's a list of little ways we can show ourselves a bit of love Valentines day (and any other day) because you can never have too much love.

  • Buy yourself some flowers
  • Dress up nice
  • Have a nice relaxing bath, maybe go all out and stick a bath bomb in there
  • If you don't have plans, why not binge watch your favourite show on Netflix?
  • Have a pamper evening - put on a face mask, paint your nails - anything which makes you feel good.
  • Eat whatever you want. Don't worry about it - if you want to have three desserts, have three desserts (I'm hungry while writing this, I'd love three desserts right now!)
  • Go outside Breath in the fresh air, maybe talk a walk and appreciate nature. Sometimes we don't realise how stuffy our surrounding feel until we're out of them.
  • Tell people you love them. They feel good, you'll feel good - definitely something we should do more often. 
  • Go for a run. Work-out. Although I hate doing it and usually avoid working out, I can't deny that I feel great afterwards, and it's definitely worth it for that feeling. I also like to see working out as a way to celebrate what our bodies can do, so go celebrate your body.
  • Put your phone on aeroplane mode and spend time with the people you love without scrolling.
  • Light some candles, switch on your fairy lights.
  • Get your eyebrow threaded. You've been putting it off long enough and you'll feel like a new woman afterwards.
  • Put on a nice, matching set of underwear. Even if nobody is going to see it.
  • Create something. Get out your paints, paint a picture, or write a poem, whatever you want. Use your creative energy to make something.
I hope your day is filled with love, whatever you decide to do!

Love, Chloe x

ps. If you'd like a little more valentines content from me, I wrote a Valentines themed blog post over on the New Day Knitwear blog, feel free to have a read :) x


Monday, 13 February 2017

Cute and Cosy.

 A few days ago I changed into my new pyjamas, made myself a cuppa tea and sat on my bed reading the little book of Hygge, and I think I felt more relaxed than I have in a long time. 

I'd only recently bought the star print pj's from M&S, they are made from the softest fabric ever, and they're pink, which I seem to be obsessed with at the moment so I couldn't say no. So cute and so comfy! There's something very special about putting on a new cosy set of pj's (or maybe I'm just bit of a granny!).

Alongside this who couldn't find joy in reading the Little Book of Hygge?! It's such an aesthetically pleasing book - literally, every page is filled with beautiful photography and wonderful illustrations - and I'm pretty sure reading about Hygge makes me feel more Hygge. Hygge is definitely something I'm trying to incorporate into my everyday life. I'm only half way through the book and I already know this lifestyle is something I value.

I'd definitely recommend taking some time out of your day to put on your cutest, comfiest clothes, and flick through a lovely book, and think about nothing more. Sometimes it's good to give yourself a bit of peace.

Friday, 10 February 2017

A Quiet Kind Of Thunder by Sara Barnard.

I recently finished reading A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard, and as it was a book I found myself unable to put down, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on it with you.

So firstly, the story line - this book is written in the perspective of a girl called Steffi. Steffi has struggled with anxiety throughout her life and is a selective mute - meaning she rarely speaks in social situations as her anxiety so severe. I love that the story is written in her perspective, because it really highlights that quiet people have loud minds - if somebody is not speaking it's not necessarily because they don't have anything to say - which is something I sometimes struggle with in social situation - just on the opposite end of the scale to Steffi the character in the book, although this only a small issue for me, I feel I get it.

When Steffi's teacher introduces her to Rhys, you can see her anxiety rising - how is she supposed to make conversation with the new boy when she cannot make conversation at all - her teacher soon explains Rhys is death, and as she knows some sign it seemed right they should meet. Steffi is relieved and is able to communicate with Rhys more so than her other peers although her sign language is rusty and the story unfolds as the two characters get to know each other despite their difficulties.

Firstly, I loved pretty much all of the characters in this book. I felt I could relate to Steffi, Rhys I found charming, and then there's Steffi friend Tem seems very much like a girl everyone knows and likes who is slightly more lost than she lets on. Each character seemed relatable on some level, and all the character were very well written.

I format of the book made it very easy to understand, although it switches from speech, to sign lanuage, to text messages and inner monulogues I always knew what was going on.

I also found this book to be quite informative. I've not spent much time around death people or people who suffer from selective mutism - but I felt I learn about how these issue could impact daily life, the ignorance of a lot of people when it comes to these issues, and how we commicate by more than just English spoken lanuage.

There was a part in the story where Steffi parents didn't quite act as I wanted, and I felt frustraited with Steffi and Rhys because they acted a little immature - however, the book is all about learning, so it was a keep aspect in the story.

I personally didn't love the ending of the book, although it tied up all the loose ends I wanted something more - however, I'm not quite sure what, maybe I was just a little gutted it was over.

This story covers tonnes of different themes beyond the obvious communication, mutism, hearing, and anxiety it also covers friendship, high school dynamics, bullying, virginity, rejection, family life, university, death, growing up, maturity and so much more. A lot is squeezed into the story - but it's a very easy read!

I'd definitely recommend giving this book a read if you into Young Adult Fiction - it was really enjoyable, informative and the character were all great.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

3 lipstick loves...

Today I thought I'd share some lippy's I've found myself reaching for constantly recently.
There are three which I've been obsessed with and each is a little different from the last so I've found myself simply rotating between the three.

I love this lip product for when I'm looking for something subtle to go on my lips. The shade is so pretty and understated and I love the glossy finish. It's super easy to apply and was also super cheap. The nudist shade is perfect for my lips but better look. This is just a really easy lip product to wear - for £3.50, you really can't do wrong with this!

Firstly I love the formula of these lipsticks, they're not at all drying for a semi-matte finish and they're super long-lasting. They're slightly more pricey but 100% worth the cost, it's so comfortable to wear and hardly most through the day.  This shade is a middle of the road brown/nude, which I just love. It's easy to wear but still, makes a statement, and I just aways feel fab when I wear this colour - plus it works with pretty much any makeup look.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick Glastonberry (£24):

 Another formula I really love, again it's long lasting and not at all drying. This shade is a deep berry colour which is a little more daring than the other two - but it's perfect for a statement - it's got a berry tone to it rather than a red tone which is a bit harder to come by and it just looks amazing on. Of course, application perfect application is a tad more tricky with a darker shade - but this looks so stunning on it's worth spending a little while longer applying your lipstick. The packaging of this one is also stunning, and who isn't a sucker for nice packaging?

What are your current go-to lippies? I'd love to give them a try!

Love, C x

Monday, 6 February 2017

February Goals

At the start of a new month, I like to assess where I am at in life and give myself some things to concentrate on over the next few weeks - it's a way to work on bettering myself, and managing my goal a month at a time stops me feeling overwhelmed, it makes it all feel a lot more achievable.

So here are some of the goals I set myself for February:
  • Try my hand at bullet journaling. I mean, I've given it a go once before and failed miserably, I think mainly because I was working with plain paper before, so settings things up became a bigger pain the ass. However everytime I see a bullet journal blog post/video, I always think it seems like something which is really suited to how I work and organise my time - so I spent some time setting up my bullet journal (I know I mentioned this is my previous post, sorry if you're bored of bullet journal rambles, feel free to skip over to the next point). My bullet journal includes a habit tracker, blog planner, a spending tracker, and of course daily to-do lists - all of which I'm going to try my hardest to keep on top of through February, and make a conscious effort to refer to my bullet journal each morning and evening - hopefully it will work out better for me this time around.
  • As I just touch on, through February I'm going to be tracking my spending. I'm awful for paying for things on my card and forgetting it's actual money (anyone else do this?) Through February I'm going to try to be more aware of what I am spending, rather than using contactless I'm going to take cash out so I can see the money disappear in hope that I'll be more careful with my money - maybe save a little and know where I am spending the majority of my money... I swear I spend far too much on tea and coffee!
  • Get exercising, again - I tend to go through phases with exercise - by phases I mean, I'll go running pretty regularly for a month and then stop for three. Yeah, it's safe to say I'm not the most consistent or fit. But I would like to feel fitter and stronger so I want to get into regular exercise. I don't want to put too much pressure on myself because I think that why I usually end up stopping the exercise - so during February I'd like to just establish some sort of a routine where I exercise regularly - no matter how little exercise it is, I want to get used to having allocated times which I actually work out.
  • Spend less time on my phone - recently I've become more aware of how much time am I spending scrolling through my phone. I need to cut down on it because really it's not achieving all that much, is it? I'm going to get back into putting my phone on aeroplane mode for an hour each day and try to be more aware when I'm literally picking it up for no reason but to scroll the same newsfeed I've looked at 4 times in the past 10 minutes.
  • Book my driving theory - I am finally learning to drive but I'm still yet to do my theory test - I keep putting off doing it, which in the long run could slow down the whole process. I'm going to make sure I actually bother to book it during February,  and then, of course, get revising.
Have you set any monthly goals? I'd love to hear them! x

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