Thursday, 3 November 2016

Marc Jacobs Beauty Haul

So, I have recently begun working as a Retail Artist from Marc Jacobs Beauty. I'm a big fan of Marc Jacobs as a whole, and I'm sure if you read my blog you will know I'm a lover of all things beauty, so being able to play with luxurious Marc Jacobs Beauty products during my 9-5 somewhat feels like a dream so far. 
Today I wanted to share some of the products from the brand I've got my hands on and have been enjoying using.

#instamarc in Mirage Filter: I'm sure you can tell by the name of this product, that is very much inspired by Instagram filters, and wearing this, you're supposed to feel like you don't need a filter because you put your filter on with you makeup - at least that's what I got from the name, and I think it's also a genius idea. The contour palette is nice and simple with just the two shades, so it doesn't get overwhelming and confusing. I mean, as much as I love using my Anastasia Beverly Hill Palette, I don't get use out of all of the shades and sometimes find myself staring at the similar colours for a good few minutes while I figure which one to dip my brush into. This palette simply cuts out the confusion. The contour shade isn't too muddy or too grey - it creates a natural looking shadow and you don't look dirty or grey - it's the perfect shade in between. The highlight shade in this palette is basically a banana powder. These powders are so fine you don't feel as though you are wearing anything and they blend like a dream, I think this palette is perfect for a quick natural looking contour. I definitely think I'll be getting more use out of the contour shade than the highlight shade, though.

The shiny black packaging has a sophisticated edge, the only issue I find is fingerprints really show up. Although this palette only has two shades, it is very oversized, meaning it will last ages, and you have a huge mirror on the inside which is a decent size for doing a full face of makeup. Although the palette is huge it's also very slim so you should easily be able to squeeze it into your handbag.
Twinkle Pop Eye Shadow Stick in Au Revoir: This eye crayon very much reminds me of the By Terry Ombre Blackstars. The cream eye shadow stick in highly pigmented and the shade is a beautiful glittery silvery bronze shade. The shape of the stick makes it very easy to apply all over the eyelids, or at an angle, you can create a line or more precise shape. The colour simply glides along as you apply it and you have a little time to blend, then once it dries will stay put. This is perfect for creating a quick and easy look, which will give the impression you've put a lot more time and effort into your eye makeup than you have - it's great for if your running late. It also makes a great base for other eye shadows.
Fineliner Gel Eye Crayon in (Truffle)d - I love this gel eye pen, it's easy to use and once it's dry it does not budge. The gel formula means it glides on, you've got a little bit of smudge time - it's very easy to create a wing using this liner, you can simply pull the liner out slightly and the use you finger to smudge the end into a wing. This also works really well in the waterline. This shade is a deep brown, it is perfect if you want something a little less intense than black.
Le Marc Lip Crème in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - This lipstick has definitely been our best selling lipstick shade since launch day. The shade is a deep plum pink, it seems to suit most skin tones, and quite seems to be similar to many people natural lip colour, just a couple of shades darker.

This lipstick is a semi-matte formula, which means it's pretty long lasting, it also isn't too drying on the lips considering the finish. The package once again has that luxurious feel with the magnet as you pop the lid onto the lipstick.

Lipgloss in French Tickler - the Marc Jacob lipglosses are one of the only lipglosses I have ever found myself enjoying wearing, this is for the simple reason, that they are not sticky. I can wear this lipgloss without having to constantly pull my hair away from my lips. This is life changing (dramatic, I know, but it really is) if you like a glossy lip. It is also minty, which is also a great little touch to add to a lip gloss. This shade is really pretty, it's a peachy pink which works really well on top of a lipstick or alone. I've definitely been stepping away from a matte lip more since I've owned this.
Nail Polish in Lola -The nail polish is such a 'me' shade. This is bright red colour, which I love on the nails. It applies smoothly and one coat is really enough to cover the nails completely. It drys with a shine to it, and as nail polishes go, it's fairly long lastly. Once again the package in on point here, even it bottle of nail polish just feel lovely to hold. 
Have you tried any of the Marc Jacobs Beauty Products? 

 *although I am employed by Marc Jacobs Beauty, I am choosing to write this blog post in my own free time and all opinions are 100% my own. 


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven

A book I was very excited to read was Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven, as I previously read her novel All the Bright Places, I realised she was a great writer, and that I felt very connected to her words.

I was pleasantly surprised to find I enjoyed reading Holding Up the Universe even more than All the Bright Places (shock, I know). I found the characters in Holding Up the Universe felt a lot more real and although it touched on mental health which I think is a good thing in a book, there was a lot more to the story, I found All the Bright Places just made me feel a little down as the story was so deeply surrounding mental health issues.

Holding Up the Universe is written in two different perspectives and the narrator switches with each paragraph change. I love hearing  multiple views in a book, I think it gives the reader a clear picture of the story being told, it also shows the writer is invested in all of the characters, and it's just more interesting  - having said this, if this is done badly, it can become too confusing and ruin a good book. I'm pleased to say, this wasn't done badly at all in this book, in fact, it was done really well. It was always very clear whose eyes you were looking through and both characters were so interesting, I think it was important for the story to be written in the minds of each of them.

The story takes place in a high school (as many young adult novels do!) It is based on two characters, Jack and Libby. Both Jack and Libby are not your average teenagers. Libby was once the fattest teen in America, to the extent part of her house had to be knocked down to get her out. Libby has now lost some weight and is ready to lead a normal teenage life - which of course means going back to high school.
Jack has his own problems - he has a medical condition which means he is unable to recognise faces - friends, family, teacher, strangers, anyone, Jack cannot recognise them. Jack is keeping this to himself, keeping his head down by trying to fit in with his "popular crowd" - which leads to some bully, that Libby being an easy target receives the brutal end of.

And then everything changes are Libby and Jack, ironically grow closer due to these strange nasty circumstances.

The book talks a lot about bullying, high school cliques, and fitting it. It also deals with subjects such a death, separation, unhealthy relationships, cancer, virginity, the internet, and being a teen - there are a lot of important themes running through this book, and they all fit quite naturally into the story.

I really liked both Jacks and Libby's characters. Each of their characters made me think, they made me consider how I treat people, and really reminded me that everyone is going through their own things, which you may not know about. I think the character they worked really well together and seemed very real.  I wish some of the smaller characters played a bigger part. There were a lot of characters I would have liked to have learnt more about - however, they weren't necessarily all that important in the narrative.  I loved this story, however, the ending was a tad cheesy, but who doesn't love a bit of cheese?

I'd strongly recommend this book. I couldn't put it down!

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