Monday, 31 October 2016

Autumn Walks

If you follow me on Instagram (@chloehayfs), you'll know how much I love Autumn. Autumn is by far my favourite time of year, to the extent the excitement gives me butterflies in my stomach when I notice the first signs of leaves falling, and temperatures dropping. I love how colourful the world becomes, I love stepping on crisp autumn leaves, and feeling that crisp cold air against your face, I love the clothes, I love being cosy inside, and being chilly outside, I love wrapping up in jumpers and sitting by bonfires, and Halloween, and the oranges, and reds, and did I say I love autumn leaves?! As you can probably tell, everything about this time of year makes my heart happy - I just love everything about Autumn.

Lately, I've been enjoying appreciating Autumn and taking myself on some Autumn walks, along with my camera to get some snaps of how beautiful everything is this time of year.  So I thought I'd share my love for Autumn through the view of my camera...

You can probably tell I think Mother Nature is just a real babe this time of year by the excessive number of images (it took a lot of narrowing to get to this many!)

As I'm enjoying playing with my camera more than ever, one of my favourite things about Autumn this year is capturing the beauty of it through my camera lens, as you can probably tell!

What's your favourite thing about this time of year?

Friday, 28 October 2016

October in Poetry.

As I built up the courage
to utter the words
you laughed,
in my face

So, my 
I miss you
will go unheard.


I became wrapped up in myself
Because you wouldn't allow me
to be
wrapped up
in you

Bitter makes selfish
through and through


I am proud of all these raw, honest things that
I do,

So laugh,
all that you, please
Because, gleefully
I'm laughing too.

Mock me, block me, but your
won't stop me.
Genuine lips turn to smile
Because I take pride when we say
I've got my own


As I longingly wonder over the intricate
delicate details of your day

And ponder helplessly over the windows,
Winding, whirls of your brain.

Selfish, you say
As thoughts of you drive me

We should be still

You're an ocean, your waves come
crashing in
I'm the jagged rocks 
which slowly crumble
at these careless forceful encounters. I
turn to dust.

The elements change their mind
there's a change of heart
in the air
The wind stays, frozen.

Together we are still, as the rock
embraces the 
steady ocean.
There's more than beauty in this lack of 


The girl who was always stuck in her 
Found herself present
In a moment
An unforgettable, unmemorable minute
While her head lost it's vision
Based on hearts decision.

Her head came down from the clouds
Blissfully ignorant to the rain and thunder
So loud

Hearts were beating louder
With the loss of all power
by entangled bodies
And forces claiming 
Fingertips drawn to 
Bodies laughing

The only moment to remove her head from the 
For once her head was quiet
and the world was


I cannot decide whether it's twisted
Or beautiful
that you inspire me enough
to write broken poetry of 
hurting hearts
And feel world's apart
As I sit in M&S 

Over coffee and cake
I tremble over every mistake


I guess, there's not really anything special
that you sometimes felt like sharing
And sometimes you didn't
No messages hidden
Just meaningless, emotional rhythm 


It's somewhat comforting, to think our version 
of fate
Was more dependent on alcohol intake
and planned mistake.


I hate to admit
I have a feeling

My gut tends to tell 
white lies of loneliness
but I hope this time
it's true


I hope you know 
I wonder
How your mind
is keeping

I do not ask
My questions don't feel welcome
As in spite of kind communication
It's some sort of probation
We both know
Arguments always arrive


I realise I don't like the thoughts which fill 
your brain, those little habits, the 
company you keep

It's more the way
your name rolls off my 
and how comfortably I can lay my head upon 
you stomach
hoping you don't suppress a need
to twiddle my red hair 
amongst your dirty

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Bloom by Estée Lalonde

I recently read Bloom by Estee Lalonde, and as I found myself unable to put it down (it only took one day to read from cover to cover), so I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Firstly, this book is damn beautiful. The titled part of the cover is made from a gorgeous textured fabric, the image of Estée on the front is lovely, she just looks like her (you know what I mean right? Or am the only person who think we sometimes look like our personality in photographs?), and the colour of her jumper on the front carries through to the inside cover of the book. The aesthetic of this book are on point and I think the cover itself is a good reflection of Estée and the contents of the book.

I've watched Estée's videos and read her blog for years now, I feel as though I've really seen her grow into herself on camera, and I feel as though she's an old pal (sadly she's not!), and this book represents her truest version of herself through and through.

The book is split into the sections: life, people, work, beauty, fashion, home, travel and food. Each subject covers a wide ground. The book talks about serious topics such mental health and more light-hearted stuff like styling hair.

The book is very honest throughout, and Estée shares  a lot with the readers than she hasn't already shared on her Youtube and Blog, such as her relationship with her dad, and her struggles with mental health, all of these things she shared in her book only made my respect for Estée grow and made her seem so much more relatable. 

The book is very well written, I think sometimes when Youtuber release a book there's a stigma which surrounds it, and people assume they're writing a book because it will sell, whether or not they can write - well I'm telling you that Estée can write. Her words were engaging and the content was interesting throughout (hence why I read it in a day).

I found myself emotional as I read letters to Estée from her mum and partner Aslan. 
I also loved hearing more about Estée and Aslan's story. You know there is something special about a relationship when someone is willing to move to another country which they've never visited to be with someone - reading this made me see what relationship should be and understand that when you know,  you just know. Their love story is just really really lovely.

Estée talks a lot about finding yourself, and 'blooming' into who you're supposed to be in this book, and that's something I think I've realised is really important, and has begun to impact my day to day life as I trying to be the truest version of myself.

This book is also very beautiful - it's filled with lovely photographs which are all very personal to Estèe, that fit perfectly where they're placed. The layout of the book and the images chosen just really work, you can see the thought that has gone into it!

Bloom is really something special! I'd recommend picking up and having a flick through, take in the words, and appreciate the beauty and work that's gone into it.


Wednesday, 26 October 2016


I've recently been on the hunt for a new coat, I was in desperate need as the ones had just weren't cutting it. I popped into Topshop one day and this one caught my eye, and I knew it would be a great addition to my wardrobe but wanted to be sure, so I decided to go away and think about, and it seemed it was something I couldn't stop thinking about, so I knew I had to go back in and get it.
Leopard print in so on trend at the moment, and also never really goes out of style. Considering I was in need of a new coat and didn't have any leopard print in my wardrobe (shocking I know) this coat filled two pretty big holes in my wardrobe. 
I'm between sizes, so decided to size up and go for a slightly oversized look. I think it's always good to go a little bigger in coats, it means you can fit chunky knits underneath and it also gives off an oversized and androgynous vibe to the look which I love. 
I decide to keep the rest of my outfit fairly simple, as the coat is statement enough. I wore it with my grey high neck dress from Boohoo - it's a really simple piece, but I think cut gives it a sophisticated edge. I like the grey against the leopard print, as it brings in more depth to the outfit, but it's monochrome so compliments the printed coat. 
I paired this with plain black tights to keep my legs from getting chilly, and these cutest little black ankle boots from Office which have a same, circular heel which I love (unfortunately the boots are no longer available, sorry, similar here).

To finish the look, I popped on my Tom Ford specs and a NARS Lipstick in the shade Heatwave, alongside a couple of cute little rings I got from Coconut Lane, (where you can get 20% off with the discount code chloeharriets20, go go go!) and my much loved Urban Outfitter backpack (old, similar here). 

What do you think of this outfit? I love this coat so much, I'm going to be wearing it constantly!


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Salted Caramel Brownies | #annasbrownies

In my Tanya Bakes cookies post, I touched on how extremely rubbish I am at baking, and how it's something I'd like to be able to enjoy and hopefully be okay(ish) at. I found myself feeling the need to bake once again, so I thought I'd share is how I go on.
Rather than turning to a recipe book, this time I took to the world of blogging to decide what I was going to make. One of my favourite bloggers, The Anna Edit posted a salted caramel brownie recipe on her blog and youtube channel, and as it looked truly delicious (I mean, who doesn't love anything with added salted caramel?) I decided to pick up the ingredients and see how it turned out.
I began by referring to Anna's blog post to get my ingredients ready. It didn't require loads of different ingredients so that gave me hope that it wouldn't be too complicated, and I was right.

I then popped on Anna video and followed the steps - I found myself pausing the video and going back a lot to check I was doing the right thing - but that's the beauty of youtube, I was able to watch the same parts over and over as I needed.
The thing I loved about the video, is that Anna makes it very clear she is not an expert and she was winging it just as much (well probably not quite so much) as I was when it came to baking.
Making the brownies was fairly simple, it took melting some dark chocolate and butter, and then mixing in flour, sugars, eggs and vanilla extract.
Once everything was all mixed together,  I just needed to pop it into a lined baking  tray and spoon in my salted caramel.
Once all the caramel was in, I simply took a chopstick (it was all I could find, okay) and swirled the salted caramel around the brownie mix, which left a pretty pattern, that looked a hell of a lot more complicated than it was to create! Such an easy way to make the brownies look a lot more impressive than they really are.
Then, of course, all that was left, was baking the brownies, so I just popped them in the preheated oven - and when they were done I took them out and chopped them up.
I cut the brownie into quite big squares, and still had more than the recipe was intended to make - not that I minded, of course, they were so yummy!
They brownie came out a lovely texture, crispy on the top and soft and moist (sorry if that word makes anyone cringe) inside. The salted caramel added a sweet, and salted twist to the flavour to the brownies and went nice and crisp once it had been baked.

I was seriously impressed with these brownies, they were so simple to make, and I think they're one the tastiest things I've ever baked - I'd definitely recommend giving them a go, your taste buds can thank me later! You can find the recipe I followed here.

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