Sunday, 21 February 2016

Kiko Haul

I was very excited when my local Mall opened a Kiko store - I'm a big fan of the brand Kiko and have been for a while now. To me, Kiki products seem to have a high end feel to them, for highstreet prices, what more could want?

So, naturally I went a little over the top when visiting the Kiko store,  as their was a sale on, I found myself throwing everything in my basket, impressed with bargains I found.

I found myself at the till with 2 lipsticks, 1 lip crayon, 1 lip liner, 2 powder eyeshadows, 3 cream stick eyeshadows and 2 cream pot eyeshadows.
I decided to stay away from base and skincare products as I'm happy with all of the ones I'm currently using, however you can never have too many lip and eye products, even if I just ended up playing with them at home and never leaving the house with them on... (not likely).

The Lip Products:
Luscious Cream - Creamy Lipstick in the shade 513(unfortunately I can't find the exact shade, but I've linked this range of lipsticks). The first thing I have to say about this lipstick is the packaging is pretty damn cool, it's a little bulky, but I think definitely look as though it's pretty pricey (when it certainly is not currently on sale for £2!!). The lipstick itself is really creamy and moisturising on the lips, I think that does however mean it is not quite as long lasting as I'd like, but hey; you win some, you lose some. The shade had a purple tone to it, however it is not too dark to it and some sparkle in it - it's unlike any other shade I have so it's a good addition to my collection.
Intensely Lavish Lipstick in the shade 03Another pretty packaged one, with lovely rose gold packaging and a magnetic case, once again it feel like a luxury lipstick to carry around. This is a creamy true red shade with some shimmer to it.
Intensely Lavish Lip Pencil in the shade 03 - I can't seem to find this one on the website, but you may get lucky in a store - it's the liner to go with the last lipstick.

Vivid Colour Lipstick Pencil in the shade 09: a true red lipstick crayon

The Eye Products:
Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick in the shades: 04 Golden Chocolate, 06 Golden Brown and 07 Golden Beige - as you can see I've gone for a few quite neutral shades as I wanted to get these and they're quick and easy to apply and long lasting tooo (I've had one before). I find these very similar to the By Terry Ombre Blackstar, yet for a fraction of the price. These are great, I'll definitely be picking up more colours.
Cream Crush Lasting Colour Eyeshadow: in the shades 06 Pearly Chocolate and 13 Pearly Violet. The pearly chocolate shade is a brown with a sort of rose gold shimmer to it, it's very pretty and neutral. Where as the violet is very bright, and not at all my everyday colour. Although it's very rare I go for a purple eye, I saw this colour and felt so drawn into it, so had to get it. It's a beautiful shimmery purple shade.

Infinity + Sparkle Eyeshadow in the shade 400 GoldA very pigmented pretty shimmery yellow gold colour which is already becoming very loved.
The last one was a christmas present that I can't seem to find on the website, but it's a grey/black eyeshadow with chunky silver glitters running through, it's perfect for a night out smokey eye.
Have you used many Kiko products before?
I'd love to hear your recommendations!


Sunday, 14 February 2016

Saying Goodbye.

Something I wanted to talk (well, type) about is goodbyes. I know this is far from my usual lipstick based blogpost, however it's something that I have found myself reflecting on a lot recently, and I wanted to clear my head of it a little, so I decided to put my fragmented thoughts into words. I did say this year I would talk as freely as I wanted on my blog, so it was going to get a little personal at some point, I guess we're at that point.

Throughout life, Goodbye is something we say or feel a lot. Goodbyes seem to be becoming more frequent in my life the older I get, whether they're the goodbye you never said because you didn't realise that person had drifted from you or the dragged out inevitable goodbye. Both, of course are painful.

I don't think I am saying this applies to everyone you leave behind. Not all goodbyes are painful, some of course are positive, and some are needed. Those kind however are not the kind which are bothering me.

As humans, people constantly come in and out of our lives. Some people we can leave behind without feeling a thing, maybe not even realising we have until we look back, and some people you feel a connection with, a piece is missing when they go, and you feel slightly empty after that final goodbye - of course in time that space fills, but it's a empty for a while nonetheless, even if it's just for seconds.

There are some goodbyes we set ourselves up for. We let our guard down, we connect with people knowing that a goodbye is coming. Hoping that knowing it's around the corner will make it less painful, that we'll enjoy our time with that person but leave it behind when they leave us behind, that memories that will remain and won't be bittersweet.

I believe people should live for the moment, I think we should have people in our lives we want there, whether they may leave in a few months, a few years or stay forever, because if you want someone there, you still want them despite ticking clocks. 

Having said this I'm not so great at the goodbyes. The people who choose to leave are difficult, because I feel envious, and sad  that they're gone,  and they've made the choice to go. 

I think it's important that no matter how short the time is someone is around you always appreciate them, and when they leave, have grace, say goodbye, be sad, be happy and move on.
Even if they don't stay long, I think there is always a reason people pop by.

How do you find saying goodbye? It is not something I do well, which I guess is why I'm writing this. I recently struggled with a goodbye, more than I expected - I was lost for words, and now the words have found me.


Saturday, 13 February 2016

What's on my face?!

Am I the only make up addict to who finds myself spending my weekends putting on make up and experimenting with new looks to go absolutely nowhere? Well here's what I found myself painting on my face one saturday, and have been recreating since.
So, here is the make up I'm wearing above:
For the base products I've stuck to my usual Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation and Concealer both in the shade ivory, you're probably used to seeing these on my blog so I won't bang on about them too much, they are my go to base products; medium coverage, glowy and inexpensive.
I've also got the Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universe cream bronzer on to give my face some warmth. I've added some pink to my cheeks using the shimmery blush shade in my Stila A Whole Lot of Love Palette and finally to add the shimmery glow to my cheek bones I've used the MUA Undress Your Skin Golden Highlighter.
I like quite a strong thick brow, so I have used the Anastaia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in the shade Auburn, and the Maybeline Brow Drama in Medium Brown to add a little, well, brow drama.

I've gone for a golden eye (no surprises there!). I've used the By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Beyond Gold as a base on my lids as I find the long lasting cream product really helps to hold everything in place, plus it's pretty. 
I then added Urban Decays Half Baked (which you can find the Naked and Naked 2 palettes) I dusted this all over the lids, focusing mainly on the middle of the eyelids. Lastly to finish this golden eye look I added the warm golden shade from my Stila A Whole Lot of Love palette to my eyelids on the outer corners, bringing it quite high up to my eyebrow and slightly into my crease to add some definition.
I went for a cat eye I look here, using the Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner, which I love because it does actually stay all day, and I've lined my waterline using the Benefit BAD Gal Waterproof Liner. I decided I wanted a lot of liner with this look so I brought my winged eyeliner into the inner corner to the edge of my nose to create a more defined eye shape - I don't usually do this but I love the look this has created so I may begin doing this more.
As my natural eyelash are really nothing special I've been wearing falsies a lot more recently, and I'm sure I've rambled on about them enough, but I love the Fleur Loves Lashes. They're only half lashes for the outer corners so you don't have to worry about that all annoying inner corner flicking out and completely ruining your look. I've popped these on to add a fluttery fanned lash look which I think is the perfect finish to my eye make up. Over the top I've added a coat of my usual Maybeline Lash Sensational Mascara.

What do you think of this make up look?

ChloƩ x

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

January Favourites.

So this first month of 2016 has gone by, so it's time to share the bits that have tickled my fancy over the last four weeks.
There have been two palettes I have been reaching constantly throughout the month. One of which has had plenty of hype in the blogging community recently, so I'm sure you won't be surprised when I say I've been loving the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette. Firstly the package of this the beautiful, I also find it very practical, it's a good shape and fits in my current make up bag, it also has a good size mirror which I've found myself using a lot. I have been reaching for the shade 1987 most days, it's the shimmer golden colour, and if you know me, you'll know I am the biggest fan of gold eyeshadows, so this is right up my street. I also love the shades steady and punk, and I've found the shade Harajuka makes the prettiest shade of blush, so I've found myself applying it to my cheeks rather than my eye.. The eyeshadows are so pigmented and blend so well, they're just really great quality eyeshadows.
The second eyeshadow palette I'd never actually heard of before I got it myself, it's the Stilla Whole Lot of Love Palette - I've got a feeling this was a christmas limited edition, but if you can get your hand on one, it's so worth it. I found this in M&S, reduced in the January sales, I think I paid around £18 for it - I basically just bought it because it was reduced and I like the brand Stilla, I had no expectations for this palette, however I think it may now be my favourite palette ever. It comes with four blush shades, a mascara (which I'm yet to try) and 20 eyeshadows. Everything is so pigmented, long lasting and blends like a dream. There are so many shades, you can create the most amazing looks with it. My favourite shade is the bronze gold colour in the top right corner, I've been using this colour constantly. The only thing I don't like about this palette is the packaging, it just a bit cardboardy and cheap feeling.

To apply my base products this month I have gone back to using my Real Techniques sponge. I'm sure this had featured in a favourites before, but I had somehow forgotten how much I love using this. It's so easy to use and my foundation and concealer just look more skin-like when I use this.

I'm going through a bit of a nude lip phase (isn't everyone?). Anyway, as much as I love my MAC Velvet Teddy, I thought it was about time I got a more high street nude lip, as I've been wearing it to work most days so I just wanted a cheapy one so it wouldn't matter if I lost it, and that I'm getting through my nude lipsticks faster than you can imagine, so I picked up the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 38 which is a pinky nude shade with a glossy finish. I love this a lot more than expected. It's so pretty and wearable. 

I also picked up a nude lipliner at the start of the month. It's the Kiko Automatic Precision Lip Liner in the shade 500 Natural Rose. This lip liner just goes on so easily and makes my lipstick look a lot neater. I've been using this with  Kate Moss lipstick, it's a little more brown and darker than the lipstick, but they work together, it gives a kind of ombre look making your lips look fuller. I've also been using this with velvet teddy, I just think they're a great match.
On my nails, I've been reaching for almost black shades. I've been constantly wearing two nail polish through January, those are Essie Wicked and Tanya Burr New York Night. Wicked is a very dark burgundy shade, and New York Night is a very dark purple toned shade. I love dark nails, and I think the slightly colour to these makes them really a little more interesting than just going for the standard black.

When I popped into my local Superdrug, and I picked up the Zoella Beauty Wonder Hand as I walk passed, not expect much from it, just because I had dry hands and it was right in front of me. Anyway since I've been using this my hands have been in a much better condition. For a couple of days I used a hand cream by cowshed, however my hands seemed to go back to being in a dry bad condition. So I switched back to the Zoella one, and within a few days my hands were soft and smooth once again. I also think the packaging on this is really cute too.

A fragrance I've been enjoying recently is a bit of a rediscovery. It's Dior Hypnotic Poison - I used to wear this years ago when I worked at a perfume shop so I could get it discounted, however didn't repurchase when I stopped working there as it is a bit of a pricey one for a 18 year old, and completely forgot about it by the time I was earning enough to treat myself to perfumes - anyway I got given a bottle for Christmas (thank you mum), and I have fallen in love with it all over again. I think it's unlike any other fragrance I've ever tried. I'm pretty rubbish at describing scent, so pop into you local boots or where ever and give this a sniff. It's smells beautiful - I can see this becoming my new signature scent and plan on purchasing this over and over.

It has been rather chilly in England recently, so I've had two go to things that have been keeping my warm.
Firstly my fluffy headband. I love this, it's so warm and cosy, and looks sophisticated and I feel so sleek (is it acceptable to say this), at least I like to think so. I also love the teal colour. I'm thinking of doing a fashion blogpost featuring this, so keep an eye out for that if you want to pictures of this being worn.

My burgundy leather gloves were another christmas gift I received. With my tiny hands, the small is a little big for me, however I have still been getting my wear out of them. I love the colour, I love the gloves, and my hands are so much warmer.

My music favourite for the month is a bit of a random one, however all through january I found myself listening to George Ezra constantly, his voice is just beautiful, and listen to his music his music just makes me feel good.

That's all the bits that popped to mind when I thinking of my favourite throughout January. It would be great to hear what you were loving through the first month of January?

I hope you had a great month.
Chloe x

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