Sunday, 2 November 2014

What have I done wrong?

This isn't something I would usually post on my blog as it's quite personal, however it's been bothering me quite a lot recently so I feel the need to get it off my chest.

I have realised I have very few genuine friends (I can count three), and very few people are willing to make time for me. I cannot remember the last time my friends made an effort to see me, or someone text me just to chat.

Maybe I'm feeling a little sorry for myself but I am only human and there is only so much loneliness and nights in home alone I can take without letting it get to me.

I feel as if I've gone back in time to teenage years when girls got bitchy and fell out, and if you were the victim of this friends would stop talking to you and uninvite you to things and the majority of the time you were clueless as to why.

Now I understand people have partners and other friends, but it's still pretty damn crap feeling as this I don't exist,  I mean how hard is it to include someone when you do thing with other people? Worst than that I don't think people even care they haven't seen me in months on end.

 I cannot wait to move away from Bristol. There is literally nothing left for me here.



  1. Aww sorry you are feeling crap hun, I know the feeling very well, but I have realised that I actually would rather have a couple of decent friends than lots of mediocre ones! Sometimes a change of scenery is the best thing you can do, especially if you are not happy somewhere! I hated living in London, so now I'm in the process of moving to Brighton!! Where are you planning on moving to?

    1. Aw thank you, it's nice to know someone has taken the time to read my complaining! Very true. That's strange I'm not 100% sure I will even move yet, but the one place which keeps coming to mind is Brighton :) xx

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