Friday, 25 July 2014

Favourite lipsticks..

Being a bit of a lipstick addict, I thought it was probably time I did a post on my favourite lipsticks. I choose all high end lipsticks, as they just happened to be my favourites, I'm the first to admit I'm a bit of a lipstick snob. So unfortunately these all slightly more pricey.

From left to right:

Chanel:Rogue Coco, shade 21 Rivoli (£25): I know this is not really a summery shade, but it is one of my favourites so I still included it. Through autumn/winter I was constantly reaching for this lipsticks, and got a fair few compliments on the colour. This is the darkest shade of lipstick I own, but will definitely be investing in some more dark shades when Summer comes to an end. The formula is really creamy and moisturising. Also I find this lipstick is pretty long lasting.

Chanel: Rouge Allure, shade 104 Passion (£26): This is my all time favourite lipstick shade, I have worn this lipstick for years, and definitely wear it more that any of other colour. I know, once again it's not the most summery shade but I love a classic red lipstick look, and also love the formula of Chanel lipsticks.

NARS: Heat Wave (£19.50): I've already done a blog post on this lipstick which you can find here, so I won't say too much about this lipsticks. It's obviously slightly cheaper than the Chanel lipstick and is a lovely bright orange/red colour, which is slightly more suitable for summer.

MAC Girl About Town (£15.50): This is another lipstick which I've already done a blog post on which you can find here. The prices of MAC lipstick have recently gone up from £15 to £15.50, not a huge difference but slightly more expensive, however I still think they are a pretty good price compared to other high end brands. I really love this shade, I've been wearing a lot the past few weeks.

Estee Lauder: Signature, shade 09 Vebtian Rose: I've looked everywhere and I can find this lipstick, I think it may have been discontinued, I will check next time I go to an Estee Lauder stand, if you can manage to get hold of this one, I recommend you do! I've had the lipstick a really long time, I think I originally borrowed it from my mum and never returned it (sorry mum!). I didn't use this lipstick much for ages as it's a nude shade, and as you might be able to tell I'm more of the bright lipstick girl, however recently I've been opting for this lipstick quite a lot. Every other nude lipstick I've tired on has made me look ill, not really a look I'm going for. This shade however has a nice peachy pink tone to it, and adds a nice amount of natural colour to you lips. It's perfect for a very casual everyday lipstick, or when you want a more natural look.

Sorry my favourite lipsticks are not really in fitting with the current season, If anyone has any recommendations of some more summery coloured lipstick, let me know, I think I could some shade more fitting with this hot weather to add to my favourites.

What are you favourite lipsticks? xxx


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Oh, what a lovely day...

Today I've had the nicest day with my best friend Amy (I've done a blog post on Amy and my friendship with her before which you can find here.

Unfortunately the only picture I took today were of my food (sorry I wasn't planning on blogging about my day), but here an old picture of me and my Amy, just in case you're curous who I spent most of my day with today.

Today was lovely, I haven't seen Amy in a while so we had lots to catch up on. We popped to the mall in the morning, I returned a pair of shoes, Amy bought a lunch box, and then we realised we're both too poor to be spending money so we picked up some bits to go in our lunch and headed back to my house.

We got back and made the yummiest prawn salad for lunch. I'll definitely be making this salad again, it was delicious, and as it was a really nice sunny day we decided to sit in the garden on a blanket and eat our lunch.

Once we ate our salad we then sat in the boiling hot sun for a few hours listening to music and  chatting. Earlier this week Amy had her graduation and I started my new job, so we had lot to fill each in even when it came to just the the past few days.

So proud of Amy for graduating with a degree in Children's Nursing earlier this week

And of course we had the usual conversations as well, making plans, reminiscing, asking about the families and everything at home,  catching up with everything since we last saw each other and, of course, talking about boys (we may as well be 15 year old girls still).

We didn't really do much, but it was so relaxing and nice to see each other.

I just thought I'd share how my lovely day in the sunshine with my best friend was. Sometimes all you need is a catch up with a friend to make the perfect day.

I hope everyone else had a day as wonderful a mine xx 


Clear out...

Recently I've had a massive clear out of my room, as well as taking a few bags of bits to charity shops, I've put some stuff on eBay, so I thought I'd share on my blog some of the bit I'm selling on eBay incase anyone who comes across my blog is interested in buying anything I'm selling.

All of the items are in good condition and the bids are starting real cheap, so you may be able to get yourself a nice little bargain.

The link to all this bits I'm selling on eBay is here, and I'll link each individual item along with the pictures and start price below.

Denim Floral Print Shorts Size 10 (bids starting at 99p)

Floral M&S Bra Size 34DD (bids starting at £2.50)

SoulCap Strip Skirt Size 10 (bids starting at £1.20)

H&M Size 12 Blonde Top (bids starting at 99p)

Pretty Floral Skirt Size L (bids starting at 99p)

Size 6 River Island Heels (bids starting at £3.50)

These are just a few of the bits I'm selling, I will be adding more to my eBay over the next few days so keep your eyes peeled. Obviously you can find more photos and details through the eBay links. I'm happy to answer and questions you might have or discuss prices.

Sorry this was a bit of a different post.
Hope you like some of the little bits.
Chloe xxx


Clean & Clear Morning Energy Skin Brightening Daily Facial Scrub

Clean and Clear Morning Energy (£3.99)

This post maybe a little premature as I have only been using this product for just a few weeks, but so far I've been so impressed by it I felt it deserved a little blog post.  The Morning Energy Daily Brightening Scrub by Clean & Clear is usually £3.99, but I got it on offer for a little less which I think is good value for the product.

I have really sensitive skin so always feel a little anxious when it comes to trying new skin products just incase my skin reacts badly, the facial scrub however has not irritated my skin in the slightest - and it's even scented (a lovely refreshing lemony smell). 

This product is perfect to add into your morning routine, especially if like me you're not really a morning person, it just wakes you up that little bit more. It leaves you skin feeling cool , clean and refreshed for a while after use. I can see a difference in my skins since I've been using this, it's feeling really  soft and I do think it makes my skin look that little bit brighter too. - whether I can only see this difference because I'm looking out for it, I'm not sure. Nonetheless I'm happy with the difference I can see.

It does say this product can be used during the evening too, but so far I've only used it in the morning as I feel it's too awaken for use before bed - however I think it will give it a go as my skin is feel super soft since I began using this scrub. 

So to wrap this post up, I would strongly recommend this product if you're looking for a refreshing face scrubs and if you on a budget. Really good value, great smell, and visible results. I will definitely be picking up this face scrub again.

What's you favourite highstreet/drugstore face scrub?

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Moving in...

I thought it was about time I introduced my pet rabbit, to my blog... especially as this week he's moved into the house!

Meet Pancakes...

We've had him a good few years now, but he's always lived in a cage in the garden as we had a cat, Molly. Sadly Molly died a few weeks ago, which was possibly the most heartbreaking thing ever. I'm still really missing her and life at home is definitely not quite the same without her.

Molly <3

However it's definitely nice to have an animal wandering around the house again.

Pancakes is a fairly timid rabbit, I think the is probably due to living in his cage (or being in the run in the garden) although we used to get him out, he wasn't used to being around people all the time. Since he's been living in the house, which hasn't been long at all, I can already see his confidence growing as he explores the new environment, which is really lovely to see.

Isn't he just the cutest?

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Killing the boredom blues...

So recently I've not been needed at work much which has led to not having much money and being bored and frustrated at home alone. Yesterday I was feeling pretty down about the whole situation, then I realised feeling sorry for myself and doing nothing is definitely not going to help, and I definitely do not want to become a negative biter person (sorry this is getting a little deep for a post about how I'm dealing with boredom). I've realised there is not need to be some negative (especially about such little things), after all every cloud has a silver lining.

I've decided stop being negative and  take advantage of this free time, and use it productively. So today I'm going to try to use my time to get all the little things I always intend to do and never get a chance to do. Also I've got an interview for the most perfect job tomorrow so I want to make sure I'm really prepared for. Anyway here are some little tasks I want to get done today:

  • Tidy and organise my room. It's already pretty tidy but organising definitely makes things feel better, and it just creates a nice environment. Also over the weekend I'm heading to Plymouth to collect the rest of the stuff, so I need to make sure I have plenty of space for it all.
  • Put some bits and bobs on Ebay. I recently went through some of my thing and have some good quality bits I want to put on ebay to make a few extra pennies, and give some items a nice home (my ebay)
  • Sort my underwear drawer.. it's literally overflowing
  • Paint my nails
  • Look up interview questions
  • Pluck my eye brow
  • Sort through my portfolio
  • Exercise, going for a run always makes me feel great
  • Draw
  • Read
  • and of course.. blog

So this is a bit of a boring post (more of a do to list that anything else) but I just though I'd share with you guys how I can switch my negative energy into something more productive.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

NARS: Heat Wave

I bought this lipstick a while ago after losing my Lady Danger by MAC, and wanting to replace it, however I thought I'd try a different brand, however I have only recently realised how much I love this lipstick and am definitely wearing it much more than when I originally purchased it.

NARS: Heat Wave (£19.50)

I was right when I ordered this lipstick, the colour is very similar to Lady Danger by MAC. It's an orange red colour, it's very bright for those of you who like an eye catching lip colour.

I really like the formula, it spreads over the lips really smoothly making application quick and easy, despite having a semi matt finish (a favourite lip finish of mine) it's still really moisturising on the lips, it's also pretty long lasting on the lips, something which I struggle to find with lipsticks.

It's a higher end brand so is a little more expensive at £19.50, however it's a great lipstick and the packaging is beautiful, I would definitely recommend this lipstick for those of you looking to spend on a bright lip colour.


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A more subtle nail..

Sorry it's another nail post! I've been painting my nails a lot recently, as you can tell, usually I go for quite a bright, obvious nail colour, but today I decided to try something different and go for a more subtle natural looking nail.


This nail polish is by Chanel, so being a high end brand is slightly more pricey (£17.50/£18 depending where you buy it), anyway this is the LE VERNIS nail colour in the shade 543 Frission.
I'd describe the colour as a very pretty pale, natural pink/peach shade. The colours got very subtle glitters in it which sometime catch the light and reflect different colour which I think looks amazing, although the nail colour is very natural subtle nail colour, when you see it up close you can see a very pretty glitter effect and it just gives the nails a nice healthy looking finish, and has a nice shine to it. Perfect for an simple everyday nail with any outfit.

As for the nail polish formula, I found this nail polish spread across the nails really nicely, I used serval coats as I wanted the colour to be fairly visible, however if you're going for a more natural finish you could get away with the just one coat. The nail polish didn't take very long as all to dry, saving me from smudges (I'm awful when it comes to using my hands too soon after painting my nails and ruining my nails). Anyway if you wanted to splash out a little more on a nail colour, I'd definitely recommend this nail polish, I'm definitely going to be on the look out for some cheap dupes of this colour.


Facing Fears...

So those of you who know me know I have a massive fear of public speaking, to the point where a lot of the time if I have to speak in front of a group of people I feel dizzy, faint and then speaking is not the only challenge I face, I then also need to concentrate on not passing out while I speak.

Anyway, this may not seem a big deal to anyone else, but yesterday I had a group interview, which terrified me.. knowing that I'd most likely have to speak about myself in front of a group of strangers, and appear confident, I felt as though my chances of getting this job had gone down the pan and I'd embarrass myself along the way too.

Of course, I was being a tad dramatic. I went to the interview, and yes it did require speaking in front of the other candidates, but they all seemed like really nice girls and we all got along well which made me feel a little relaxed.

Through the interview we had to do serval tasks as a team. The first of which we had to learn about another person and present them to the group, the last of which we had to present an item we had on us to the group... both of these activity, and I am surprised to say neither of these activities we anywhere near as scary as I had made them out to be.

Overall the interview went really well, but if I don't hear back I'll still be pleased I went for the experience, I think I proved to myself my fear of public is something I've built up in my head and is nowhere near as scary as I have convinced myself it is.

The fact is I got through yesterday without feeling as though I was going to pass out at as second and stuttering each word, I actually left the interview feeling positive, and hoping I'll get a call back.

So maybe some things aren't so scary once we face them.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Rainbow Pastel Nails

Hey Guys,

So recently I've began to paint my nails more (I used to be obsessed with painting my nails and the addiction slowly died out.. it seems it's coming back). This week I decided to experiment with rainbow, pastel colour nails which seemed perfect for the summer season (although the raindrops hitting my window doesn't quite say summer, it's still July).

I felt this nail look was definitely a bit more exciting, and such a simple way to make nails a more interesting feature. I have also received a fair few compliments on my nail like this which is always nice!

 All the colours used for this nail look are from Barry M, as I've said before I am a big fan of Barry M nail polish (when I went through my phase of being obsessed with painting my nails, Barry M nail polish came alongside this. At one point I owned every nail polish they sold, crazy!), anyway they are affordable, long lasting and have a good range of colours to choose from.
In the pictures you'll see I've included two shade of pink, this is because I originally used the paler pink and then decided to go over it with the dark pink as I felt that colour was much paler than the rest (so it's the darker pink in the photo of my painted nails)

Barry M Nail Paint, £2.99

Shades here from left to right:
306 Blueberry Ice Cream
Mint Green (I think, the sticker has came off)
307 Lemon Ice Cream
318 Peach Melba
309 Strawberry Ice Cream
340 Dragon (Gelly Hi Shine Finish)

Please excuse my bad nail painting, I know I'm not the best at it.
Hope you like this look.
How you are being creative with your nails this summer?


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